Getting Young Professionals on Save Local Now

Young Professional Organizations (YPOs) are a vital part of any town. Their members are the 20 to 30 somethings that make up a large percentage of the thinkers and doers in the community. When they get together they can be the driving force behind any local economy. Most YPOs are a sub-group of the chamber of commerce and wield tremendous influence. A great way your community can cater to more YPOs is to put them on Save Local Now.

Here is why you need YPOs in your town:

1) They grow the city center- People ages 25-34 tend to make up a large percentage of the downtown dwellers in cities as young people like to live close to the amenities that come with living in a public area.

2) They are well educated- Educational attainment is one of the primary drivers of a region’s income and economic growth and people age 25 to 34 tend to have the highest levels of education among any age group.

3) They are ready to work- Young workers are most likely to fill the gap of laborers the baby boomers leave behind. As the U.S. “baby boomers” (about 77 million) are retiring, more positions will need to be filled. The population growth can handle it but catering to the younger professionals will ensure that your town does not get overlooked as a place for them to reside.

4) They are starting businesses- People age 25-34 are the most likely to start a business or be involved in start-up businesses. Research shows the businesses they start are more likely to grow and thrive.

5) They are starting families- Attracting a 25-34 year old to your town or city isn’t the same as attracting the 17-25 year olds. This group is more likely to start and grow a career, buy a home and start a family.

So how does Save Local Now help?

1) $LN is an incentive to move-Young Professionals comprise the most mobile age group. They are looking for a place to develop roots and consider community benefits to be the deciding factors in where they reside. They are also the most technologically advanced age group. Having your entire community on one app is an enticing factor for any young professional whether they are looking to start a business and participate in the chamber, or just shop and explore from their mobile device.

2) $LN is a tool for them to use-Young Professional Organizations make it a goal to make life fun and exciting for their demographic. They are always talking to businesses to get deals and events together for their members. The chamber in Racine, WI created a special $LN category where any business can post deals and events targeting YPs. Any member of the YPO can use their $LN app to find any event or deal that pertains to them all in one place.

3) $LN is how they can share with others-Young Professionals are constantly networking. They are the highest age group percentage wise using social media and mobile apps to share contacts, ideas and especially their favorite businesses. Engaging a YPO in your town to use Save Local Now means they will be using it to share on Facebook and Twitter and to engage their friends to download our app as well.