Top 4 2016 Marketing Trends and Their Effect on Your Small Business

  1. Search Engines are Getting Competition. Social networks are expanding their search capabilities and will soon be competing with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    What this means for you: Make sure that you have set up and consistently maintain your social media sites. This will allow potential customers to find you, see what your company is all about and read any reviews or comments left by current customers.
  2. Mobile is Getting Bigger. Mobile use now accounts for more than half of the total time people spend on digital devices. Eighty percent of Internet searches are conducted on smartphones, according to data from the Global Web Index.
    What this means for you: This means that it is important that your website is mobile friendly, and guess what? Save Local Now is! Once you setup your profile, it will be able to be easily viewed on any mobile device.
  3. Videos are Worth More than a Thousand Words. Online video consumption is consistently growing. Videos can be used as a powerful marketing tool to show your customers how you product works, what you do, or even who you are over social media.
    What this means for you: Share videos through your social media, it may foster interactions between you and your customers.
  4. App Indexing Allows for more Opportunities: Studies have shown that apps will soon take over mobile-responsive websites. Apps have the functionality of mobile-friendly websites but they streamline user access.
    What this means for you: Save Local Now already has an app, so we have done the work for you. If you don’t have your own app, don’t worry! Your business profile and all of the deals, promotions, and events you have live are visible on our app!

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