The Title Can Make A Difference This Holiday Season

As with all promotions, the key is getting customers to actually look at them. Your deals, events, and email marketing with Save Local Now are no different. You could be offering the best deal in town but if the title doesn’t make people want to click, you might never get anyone to look at it.

We are here to help. Here are some great ideas to help inspire your deals, events, and emails for both the upcoming holiday season, and year round.


Ask A Question

Asking your customers a question in the title of your deal or email will allow them to become intrigued. It also calls for action and begs to be looked at.

For example, a question that relates to something happening right now:
1. Do you really have the perfect gift this holiday season?

Or questions that everyone can relate to at some point:
2. Are you ready to lose that last 10lbs?

Or even questions that let people know time is limited:
3. Have you seen our newest collection?

The point is not to tell people what you have or are promoting but ask them something to make them think and get their attention. It’s a reason for them to go looking for the answer.

Create Some Urgency

Sometimes you can be more direct to create a sense of urgency in the title of your deal, event, or email. This will let your customers know that this is something they absolutely can’t afford to miss out on.

Letting them know there is a time limit is a great way to create some urgency:
4. Don’t wait! Save 50% for this week only.

Or telling your customers that others are interested:
5. Reserve your spot for [name of your event] as they are going fast!

Or making them feel like they are in on something special.
6. Get a sneak peak at what’s in store for us in the month of December!

A call to urgency will at the very least, get your promotions clicked on! The rest is up to you!

Offering Up Your Knowledge

We are in the age of DIY and self proclaimed experts. It’s hard sometimes to offer something when a lot of people think they can do or create what you have themselves. That’s why creating a sense of sharing or a learning opportunity for your customers is sometimes the best way to go

This works even if there are things for sale:
7. Check out the top 3 hot gift ideas for your [husband/wife] this year.

Or if you want to get people in for a workshop or event:
8. Learn how to [do something] this holiday season.

Or just accrediting your business as the expert in something
9. Find out how we do it. We are ranked best in the industry for 25 years!

Try to get them to understand that you are both A) an expert and B) willing to share your expertise (as well as your goods and services) with them. This will help them to look at it less as spending money and more as a learning experience.

Create a List

Lists make it easier for people todigest the information you’re giving them. Lists can also make your points a lot more clearly.

Lists can be great for your deals:
10. 5 gifts under $50!

11. 8 reasons to attend [name of your event].

Or even for email marketing:
12. 10 holiday time-saving tips from [your business].

Keeping it to a simple number and list in the title means that the content should also be clear, simple, and to the point. Don’t go overboard but also remember to add in some personality!

Fill them in on what’s new

Don’t forget to offer special promotions, or simply send out emails, to let your customers know when you’ve changed something. This is not only important so that they aren’t misinformed, but also creates just another reason to come check out all your business has to offer.

Create excitement over any simple change:
13. Bring on the Holidays, we’ve changed our menu!

Or letting people know that you’re participating in a national event. Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, or Cyber Monday are all around the corner:
14. Come celebrate [shopping day] at [your business].

Or whenever something new is coming:
15. Don’t miss our December collection!

Make sure these titles stay limited to when something is really new or exciting. Don’t try to tell them something new is happening when it is something they have seen before only a month ago.

That should be plenty of information to get you started. But, if I may offer a final bit of advice it would be these 3 tips:

Tip #1: Bounce your titles and subjects off your family, staff, or even your friends at the chamber to get some feedback and see what they think

Tip #2: Always always always check back on your promotions on your analytics page to see how they did and which ones were more popular.

Tip #3: As usual, Keep reading the blog, or follow us on social media to find out more great ways to boost your business this holiday season and all year long!

This article was inspired by this one 🙂