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Small businesses are constantly telling others the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of their business. Who do you sell to? What do you sell? When are you open? Where are you located? Why did you open? These are all questions worth answering, as “word-of-mouth” marketing will always be important for small businesses. But, much of the chatter occurs online in this day and age. That means your small business is responsible for providing this general, yet important information to the online world; on your website, and on your Save Local Now digital platform. How? Try writing a business bio. Here are a few ways to make that bio concise and effective:

Showcase Your Main Offering
A business bio is your opportunity to represent your small business in your own words. Make sure to highlight the most important products or services you sell so your message is clear and simple. Write with the intention of making people want to do business with you!

Use Only One Point-of-View
This is a simple way to make your business bio sound professional and well-written. Choose between first person, second person, and third person when writing. You want smooth, flowing sentences, easy for your customers to read! For example, if you say “I want to invite you to experience our business,” make sure all your text is written in that manner.

Make It A Group Effort
Sometimes having other people read your writing highlights its strengths and weaknesses. More than likely, your small business has multiple employees who can contribute creative and valid ideas to your company bio.

Write Genuinely
You want your business bio to stay true to your business image. Even though it should be filled with positive attributes, try not to sound like you are bragging. Establish a tone which captures the feeling of your small business and your authentic personality!

Keep It Short and Sweet
Make sure everything you include in your business bio is a necessity. It should clearly outline a few, if not all, of the questions mentioned above in a simple, brief way. A paragraph, or a few paragraphs should be enough.

A business bio can elevate your small business’ image when written effectively. Grab a pen (or a keyboard) and get started!