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  1. Search Engines are Getting Competition. Social networks are expanding their search capabilities and will soon be competing with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    What this means for you: Make sure that you have set up and consistently maintain your social media sites. This will allow potential customers to find you, see what your company is all about and read any reviews or comments left by current customers.
  2. Mobile is Getting Bigger. Mobile use now accounts for more than half of the total time people spend on digital devices. Eighty percent of Internet searches are conducted on smartphones, according to data from the Global Web Index.
    What this means for you: This means that it is important that your website is mobile friendly, and guess what? Save Local Now is! Once you setup your profile, it will be able to be easily viewed on any mobile device.
  3. Videos are Worth More than a Thousand Words. Online video consumption is consistently growing. Videos can be used as a powerful marketing tool to show your customers how you product works, what you do, or even who you are over social media.
    What this means for you: Share videos through your social media, it may foster interactions between you and your customers.
  4. App Indexing Allows for more Opportunities: Studies have shown that apps will soon take over mobile-responsive websites. Apps have the functionality of mobile-friendly websites but they streamline user access.
    What this means for you: Save Local Now already has an app, so we have done the work for you. If you don’t have your own app, don’t worry! Your business profile and all of the deals, promotions, and events you have live are visible on our app!

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Understanding the trends in digital marketing allows small businesses to compete with bigger companies. Having a strong digital marketing strategy is becoming vital as more people are consistently accessing the web through their mobile devices. Understanding the importance of these digital marketing trends can also help small business owners make smart budgeting decisions to create the biggest impact.

  1. Freshness. An important aspect to consider when looking to boost digital marketing is the freshness of your website. Search engines give more attention to websites that provide a high level of engagement. Features such as polls, social media integration, reviews and frequently updated content provide an advantage over websites without these features. Your website should also contain micro-data, which allows search engines to quickly decipher the information on the website. Finally, having a fast download and user-friendly format is essential. I recommend a Bootstrap framework for a modern look and feel.
  2. Have a Mobile Strategy. Mobile web traffic is expected to surpass desktop traffic in 2014. This is an important point to understand. Approximately 1.2 billion people search the web from a mobile device, and 34% of adultsDigital Marketing now own a tablet. Having a responsive website that automatically adjusts and scales to a mobile device’s format is crucial. Having an app for your business is even better, but creating your own app is very expensive and nearly impossible to maintain.  Adding mobile promotions (with Save Local Now) will also aid in building your mobile traffic.
  3. SEO is Still Important. Despite all the changes and developments over the last 18 months, search engine optimization is still important and needs to be taken into consideration when creating a website and adding content to that website. Making sure the name, address, and phone number of the company are consistent is important. There is still no replacement for content marketing as a key factor in SEO. SEO has been shifting from keyword rankings to the relevance and timeliness of the content.
  4. Invest in Paid Search and Media. Online directories and reviews for websites are an important element of digital marketing. So much so that it is worth an investment to be included in the directories and websites relevant to your business (pssst, you can get these benefits for free with Save Local Now)
  5. Grow Your Social Media Presence. Having a strong social media presence is increasingly important. A company’s level of influence within social media is now linked to search engine optimization and establishing your website as an authority within your niche. Key social media channels you should be involved in are Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube (no seriously, Google + is becoming more and more relevant). But be careful, do not plunge into the pitfalls of social media.  Be sure to post quality information, then get back to work!
  6. Customer Reviews are Beneficial. First, it is important to maintain a high quality product and customer service. Customer reviews are very influential to potential customers, and having positive reviews can greatly impact your business. Make sure to regularly review comments, ratings, and reviews left on your website. Responding to reviews will increase engagement with your customers and show potential customers what good service they can expect.
  7. Email Marketing is Still King. With Google removing that annoying “display all images” button, it now allows images to pop up in emails quickly (although there is a restriction to access folders and cache info).  Taking advantage of crafting a message for your customer through email is important. The average SMB has about 2,000 email addresses, and building a professional looking message through email is more important than ever (again, free with Save Local Now!).


Marketing your small business can be tricky. As marketing trends change and change again and platforms offer you more and more options, you may be wondering, what are you supposed to focus on?

Well, let’s take a look. These are some of the upcoming trends in marketing for 2014.

1. Mobile Marketing – You might already know this one. You should. Mobile marketing is still on the rise and will continue to be for some time to come. As more and more people own smart phones (147.9 million people in the U.S. by the month of September), social media, email marketing, and GPS location features will also continue to rise. Mobile marketing ads are also cheaper and easier on companies with small budgets and can have a lot more impact than television or other traditional advertising methods as they are often seen repeatedly.

Save Local Now strives to continually update our mobile app. Providing sharing features to both the business and the consumer, and streamlining the way a customer finds your business are just some of the ways we put your business on top of mobile marketing. Best yet, our app is top rated and available for both the iPhone and Android market! There really is no need to go building your own app these days when you can use ours for free!

2. Geo Targeting – As mentioned above GPS locating features will continue to rise with mobile. Geo targeting is similar in that it pays (literally) to target people within a few miles of your business. This has been true especially in retail where targeting audiences within a two mile radius can help the business create marketing campaigns that are current and relevant.

We offered Geo location mapping on your mobile and browser from the beginning, and as always we remain a tool for local businesses only. However, Geo targeting at Save Local Now came about a year ago with one of our app updates. With users being able to sort Deals and Events by clicking “Nearby” we give you the opportunity to create custom actionable offers specific to the customers who might be looking for you right around the corner!

3. Image centric Social Media – Twitter and Facebook are not the only Social Media that matters anymore. In fact as Facebook usage declines newer networks are getting a lot of buzz. Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, and Vine are among some of the top players even though some of these are still very young on the scene. Whats the draw? Large images or videos dominating the page with short descriptions and hashtags to browse other posts. Sites like Buzzfeed, Imgur, and Tumblr also play a part in this.  We can expect to see a continued growth in image sharing as 2014 rounds the bend.

Save Local Now was onto this when we updated the site in early 2013 to create more focus on your images. With larger placement for your logos or Deal & Event images, we really recommend you take advantage of this trend by updating your images with higher quality photos that pack a lot of punch. Even if you are just starting out and don’t have a logo, we have some suggestions on how to start building one for yourself!

This year, why not make it your resolution to check in with the blog for more tips on how to stay current and relevant in your small business? We are going to make it ours to continue to improve ourselves for the benefit of YOU the local business!

One more thing. As the year wraps up, we’d like to say thank you. We are working hard to help your local businesses thrive and though we might not be local for all of you, we are a small business that values local business being great business and we wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you. Please stay happy, healthy, and remember to support your community. We wish you all a thriving, busy new year!

In an article posted by USA Today, journalist Rhonda Abrams makes a general round up of the year in marketing and the trends that will really make a difference. While her findings apply to both small and big business, she points out that it is really small business where marketing can make or break. In fact, I believe it is the new marketing trends that are really giving small business the up on big business.  However, as the article clearly states “few aspects of business change as quickly as marketing today.” So what do we need to focus on?

Mobile is not surprisingly at the top of the list, as it is with almost every other article I read on small business. It’s safe to say that when you look around at any public place you don’t need numbers to tell you what percentage of people are using a smart device these days-a lot.  Abrams goes on to tell businesses to “Design all your digital marketing messages to be read first and most often on a phone.” Which I would have to agree, is pretty sound advice.












Next of course is social media, which are quickly changing to offer a plethora of ways to advertise. Facebook (almost annoyingly so) is becoming more of a place for business, than for socializing with friends. Twitter too is allowing for paid advertising. So while budget can play a role here, the nice thing about social media sites is they are keeping it customizable to the user. For example, if I scroll through my news feed on Facebook and see an advertisement for a big box brand I don’t particularly like I can select “this advertisement does not appeal to me” and have it removed. Eventually my account will recognize the kinds of things I do and don’t want to see. This can really help small businesses who know their customers and can hone in on the kinds of people who might be interested where big business might not have that sense of familiarity.

The article goes on to mention a few new players this year to the social media trend including Instagram and a few others we will cover for you on our blog in the coming weeks. If you haven’t noticed, we ourselves have been branching out into a few of these new sites.



These trends in marketing are fantastic for local and smaller businesses as they continue to level the playing field in marketing. In an effort to make your lives a little easier and your business growing, we will continue to write about and incorporate many of these trends and how you can use them, in conjunction with Save Local Now to better your own marketing strategy. Stay tuned!

A great article from Network Solutions tells us 7 trends small businesses shouldn’t miss in 2013.

So we wanted you to know how we can help you stay on top of these trends. Let’s see…

Loyalty – check! Offer your customers great deals or events any day of the week right on their phone!

SEO – check! We’ve got an ENTIRE TEAM dedicated to your SEO.

Local – check! By going through the chamber of commerce, we as a company only succeed when you thrive and grow as a whole community.

Partnerships – check! When your town get’s Save Local Now, you don’t just buy our product you sign up for a relationship with us (Happy belated Valentines Day by the way) and we are with you every step of the way to help you succeed.

Ecommerce – check! You’re not just on our app! You’re on our website, we provide e-mail services, and you can link your homepage (or any other site you want) to both the app and the online directory! All for free as a benefit of the chamber.

Mobile Devices – check!!! Have you not downloaded our top-rated, consumer friendly app yet?



Real Time Analytics – check! We offer you up to date, real-time, analytics for YOUR business! See who is looking at your information from what devices and what deals and events they are clicking on more than others.