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Like your favorite Ninja weapon, Save Local Now™ will help you slice and dice your way through the competition.  But like any weapon, it’s only as good as the Ninja using it.  Lucky for you, 5 minutes per day is about all it takes to keep Save Local Now™ sharp.  Here’s what to do:

$LN Ninja plan of attack:

1.  Choose your $LN Ninja – You do not need to hire anyone.  We repeat.  You do not need to hire anyone.  You just need to identify the $LN Ninja on your team.  Who knows?  It may even be you.


2.  Login – Bookmark this page and login to Save Local Now™ every day with your unique username and password.


3.  Update – It’s pretty important that customers (and potential customers) can find the most current information about your business on $LN.  Be sure to update your business hours, logo, categories, keywords and custom button.


4.  Create – Create as many deals and events as you like.  It’s FREE, UNLIMITED and IMMEDIATE.  Business slow? Post a great deal and share it to attract customers.  Planning a sale?  Schedule it on $LN and tell your customers about it.  Have a weekly promotion?  Remind customers everyday on $LN.  What’s the worst that can happen?  A deal doesn’t work…well…create a better one.  A deal works too well?  Well, that’s not really a problem…is it?


5.  Share – Share new deals and events immediately and often.  It takes just one click to promote your business through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.  Ever see that movie “The Butterfly Effect?”  Social Media is kind of like that, but in a good way for your business. People that find you on $LN can share with people that didn’t = More potential customers that know about you.


6.  Track – $LN gives you simple, accurate real time “stats” that you can actually use.  Check your stats daily to see how many people have clicked on your business, your deals, events, or shared your stuff on Facebook, twitter, etc.


7.  Learn – Check out our blog here for more great ideas. We are constantly posting valuable content that you can use, including promotional ideas, strategies and tactics to help you attract more customers.

Your $LN Ninja Training is complete.  Hay Ya!