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Marketers see LinkedIn as the second most valuable social network to grow and market a business, with it behind only Facebook (V3B Blog).  There are 300 million users on LinkedIn and 1 million of those professionals have published a post (Social Pilot).  This is one of many reasons the social media platform has become an excellent tool for networking and creating awareness for your small business.

It’s very easy to create posts to demonstrate your expertise or join a group and share ideas with like-minded individuals.  Around 20% of LinkedIn users are part of the Small Business Community, which includes a number of networking groups. We have taken the liberty of finding some of the best groups for small businesses to join on LinkedIn:

Small Biz Forum– 10,000+ members and likes to share resources and try to help each other succeed.

Mastermind Group for Small Business Owners– 19,000+ members who like to discuss challenges and solutions for small business owners.

Linked Small Business Innovators– 40,000+ members who considered themselves forward thinking entrepreneurs and small business owners who use this group to build relationships with other small business owners and try to find strategic partnerships with others in this group.  

Small Business & Self Employed Group25,000+ members who are strategizing to get more clients, build their businesses, and potentially create more income.

You can always start your own group! Creating your own group allows you to develop the focus and bring like-minded people together (whether it’s small business, community driven, industry focused, or anything else). Starting your own group shows leadership and creates trust between you and fellow group members which will have a positive impact on your business!

LinkedIn is a great place to expand your online presence and create opportunities by networking with others.  It is also a great place to share content and create relationships with both consumers and other businesses.  There are also plenty of local group that maybe more focused towards your interests.  Connect with Save Local Now today to start expanding your LinkedIn network!