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In Summer, many chambers host an annual Sidewalk Sale, giving small local businesses an opportunity to gain new customers, and create buzz around their merchandise or deals. Because some customers wait all year to make purchases until this yearly sale, small businesses need to take advantage of the plentiful foot traffic in order to sell as much product as possible. Easier said than done. Does your town participate in a blowout Sidewalk Sale? If yes, keep reading for some foolproof advice on Sidewalk Sale success.

First of all, pricing is key. Low prices will attract more customers, so think about what your small business can afford to mark down. Also, make sure to buy some bright colored sticker rounds to advertise the reduced prices. Do not just write the new price, instead include the percentage saved. Customers are more likely to respond to a tag that reads “Save 85%!” than one that reads “$10”.

Here’s another idea: use incentives simply to get people to walk into your small business. Offering complimentary refreshments, or even a free small item such as a sticker or keychain, will attract countless individuals who want the most out of your chamber’s Sidewalk Sale. If you contribute positively to their Sidewalk Sale experience, they will probably return the favor.

In addition, an attractive and well-thought-out display will appeal to customers. Represent your small business’ personality, and remain true to your image. Get creative and make some signs to advertise your deals! Still target your primary customer, just like you would with an ordinary display within your business. If they like what they see during the Sidewalk Sale, they will be willing to visit your business again.

You could also play some music to make shopping fun for your customers. According to pyschologicalscience.com, background music influences buying behavior. Therefore, your small business should jump on it and play upbeat, encouraging tunes!

Do not forget to promote your Sidewalk Sale using Save Local Now. Utilize SLN’s email marketing to remind customers about the sale dates, and your business’ hours. Also, design unbeatable deals and promotions exclusive to the sidewalk sale such as Buy One Get One, or a FREE item with purchase.

None of these strategies will work, unless you stay organized. Make sure you and your staff members are punctual during the sale. At least one employee should be indoors and outdoors at all times. Choose a specific set-up and take-down time, and focus on keeping a consistent schedule if your Sidewalk Sale last more than one day. Be more efficient by using folding tables, and a tent for your outdoor display.

Now that you know these strategies, your business can make the most of your annual Sidewalk Sale. Good luck!