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At the most basic level, buying local ensures that more money stays in our community. In fact, for every $100 spent at a locally-owned store, $45 remains in the local economy. The Chamber of Commerce encourages all residents to shop small and support our locally owned businesses! Shopping locally provides you with the opportunity to discover something different; it’s unlikely that you’ll find the same thing at a local store as you would the mall. Save Local Now, the Chamber’s “Buy Local” program, highlights and promotes Chamber members and the deals and promotions they create. Locals and tourists alike can download the FREE Save Local Now app to access deals, events and accurate business information. Saving money and buying local has never been easier!

Holiday gifts hold more meaning and value when you shop local and support small businesses. Every dollar you spend at a local spot filters back into the community by creating jobs, boosting the area’s economy and supporting the region’s talent.

Where we spend our money matters to the community, and there are so many ways to buy local. Grab a coffee at the independent café. Stop for a sandwich at the corner deli. Peruse local boutiques for something to wear to a holiday party. Find interesting gifts at shops run by people who live in the community. Dine out at a neighborhood restaurant.

Small businesses are a thriving, growing sector in our economy. They improve our neighborhoods and change our lives for the better. Here are seven reasons to shop local this holiday season.

Feed the local economy. When you shop local, the dollars spent at small businesses filter directly back into the community. The food, drinks, supplies, clothing, gifts and more you buy are taxed—and that tax income is confined to the area. Tax dollars support improvements in infrastructure, schools, parks, safety and more. So that gift you buy at your local shop is one powerful way to make important positive changes in your neighborhood. And every dollar counts.

Support our ‘makers.’ Entrepreneurs have a dream, and you’re supporting it by shopping at their places of business. The creative seamstress who opened a clothing shop—the home baker who went out on a limb and started a patisserie: These brave, hard-working individuals are making their dreams reality. Let’s patronize their businesses so they can thrive. Shop local, support our makers and their dreams. (After all, they’re supporting our communities.)

Find unique gifts for hard-to-shop-for relatives. You never know what to buy for your uncle. Your sister’s closet is already full of clothes you see at typical retailers. Let’s face it, some relatives are very difficult to shop for. Small businesses offer items you won’t find in the Big Boxes or run-of-the-mill national retailers. Some shops feature hand-crafted items or one-of-a-kinds. Isn’t it fun when you find a special gift that elicits an enthusiastic “Where did you get that?!” Explore area shops and wrap up something different this year.

Local shops create local jobs. Local businesses hire area talent. They need staff to keep their doors open. They need workers with an array of skills. Small business owners hire people from our own neighborhoods, people like us. When we keep local shops in business, we secure local jobs, which means improving the regional economy and boosting the community’s tax base. The goodness goes round and round.

Boost real estate values. You know that abandoned storefront? Remember that tired, old building? When local shops take up residence in our neighborhoods, they not only improve infrastructure by creating unique, interesting places to visit—they attract the visitors. More people shop, spend, enjoy and return for more fun. Everyone in the community benefits when local shops are successful.

Support local causes. Small businesses are tireless community champions. They sponsor our Little League teams and support school fundraisers. They volunteer time and talent to community causes. They pay taxes that improve the schools and local services. Our small businesses are true friends and thoughtful citizens, and they’re constantly giving back to our cities. By patronizing their shops, we help them continue to thrive so they can continue being good stewards.

Get to know the locals. Shopping is more personal when you get to know the owner. By frequenting local businesses, we build relationships with interesting people who are serving our communities by providing places to eat, drink, dine, shop and buy goods of all kinds.


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Can’t quite remember how to log into your SLN account? No problem! Follow this easy cheat sheet to help jog your memory:

Step One: Go to members.savelocalnow.com.


Step Two: Enter your username and password and click “LOGIN.”


Step Three: If you have forgotten your password, click the “Forgot Password?” button.


Step Four: Enter your email and then click “Submit.” You will receive an email from us shortly.


As you know, Save Local Now allows you to created UNLIMITED Deals for your business for FREE. What you might not have known is the importance creating those deals has on customer loyalty and how you have the opportunity to create revenue for your business. This article says it best:

“on average, according to most industry estimates, it costs nine times more money to acquire a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Each time a customer redeems a coupon, it’s an opportunity to connect with them on a personal level. Ask for their e-mail address, or encourage them to write a review of your products or services on local directory listing sites. Ask them to follow you on Twitter or join your Facebook Fan Page, and always follow-up with further promotions down the road. Make sure to deliver something of value to your customers –- don’t spam them with unwanted e-mails, but offer compelling, targeted offers that nurture an ongoing relationship.

Why not try some unique customer loyalty promotions? Try a coupon sent to only your most loyal customers, or open your shop one hour early for loyal customers, paired with coffee and croissants and a store-wide 15% off discount.”

Let Save Local Now help you achieve customer loyalty. Less than 5 minutes of your time may amount to 5 loyal customers! You have the advantage of getting ahead of the big box stores that bombard their customers with thoughtless, unpersonalized, generic emails. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on making those deals and make some new customers today!

Small Business Saturday is a tradition started in 2010 by American Express to encourage consumers to visit their local and smaller sized businesses. Falling on the day after Black Friday when big box stores are knocking down prices (and sometimes people) to get rid of products, Small Business Saturday offers shoppers a more comfortable experience with unique items. We obviously think it is a good idea to shop local any time of the year but we love the idea of having a special day for the businesses. Thus, here is a quick checklist for things a small business owner can do to prepare for the day. (Hint: A lot of these you can do using your Save Local Now account!)

Business Champ

___  Visit the American Express Website

They have a lot of free resources for you to use! Everything from logos and printables to shopping bags and doormats to let your customers know you are participating in the event. You can also join community circles and use social media templates to spread the word.

___  Update your email contact list

Clear out the bouncers and add any new ones you might have acquired. Also have fresh email sign up sheets ready for the big day.

___  Create a holiday deal that encourages referrals

There is nothing you can do in your own marketing efforts that outweighs the recommendation of a good friend. With everyone looking to spend some money in the next two months, now is a good time to launch this deal and let it expire after the new year.

___  Create a countdown to the big day

Post it to your social media accounts or send it out in email. Get creative with it! You can post a new picture of some great item in your store with every new day or post something that will be on your menu to entice local shoppers to stop by for the Small Business Specials. If you are a service or less visual business you can still keep it fun by adding quick videos or snap shots of the staff to let people see your fun side!

___  Update your information

A lot of people will be in from out of town. Make sure your address and contact information is correct both on your Save Local Now profile, and on any other travel or business listing sites.

___  Encourage year-round savings

Encourage every new customer who comes through the door on Small Business Saturday to download the Save Local Now app. Remind them that they can find you, and all the other local businesses in the chamber on Save Local Now any time of the year, and even follow their favorites.

We are wishing you all the very best of luck for Small Business Saturday as well as the rest of the holidays! Please remember to check back in with us at the blog for more tips, tricks, and holiday fun! Also, If you have a great holiday idea or story to share with us please do so at blog@savelocalnow.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

1. Shopping local creates jobs.

Most local stores hire within the community. Making them successful allows them to hire more people, which creates more jobs, and therefore more money spent locally!

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2. Shopping local saves you money.

It might appear cheaper in big box stores or online but every little bit counts…including gas and shipping. When you shop at the store that you can walk to you won’t have to pay for any of that! Who doesn’t want to save on gas?!

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3. Local, independent shops do more to give back to the community.

Most local businesses do a lot to support our communities through local charities, schools, and community events. Doing good feels great!

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4. Better customer service.

Studies have shown us time and time again that people receive better customer service when they shop locally.


5. Avoiding Walmart.

Do we have to say more?

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6. Shopping local keeps services in business.

Local shops go hand in hand with the local services such as the tailor, hairdresser and banker. If there are no shops then there are no services…which means you’d have to cut your own hair.


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7. Keep dollars Local

Fact: Locally owned businesses put a greater revenue share back into the local economy compared to chain stores.


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8. Support entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is what fuels America’s economy. Be patriotic! Support innovation and prosperity!

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9. Help the environment.

Not only are you helping your wallet by not spending money on transportation; you’re also helping the environment. Shopping local means less sprawl, congestion, habitat loss, and pollution.

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10. Local shops offer more unique products.

Shopping locally provides you with the opportunity to discover something different. You’re not likely to find the same thing at a local store as you would at the mall. Find something unique like a vintage prom dress or maybe even a unicorn!

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Don’t forget: Small business Saturday is November 30th. Get out and buy local! Use the Save Local Now app to find all the great deals and holiday events your local stores have to offer!