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Social media has become somewhat of a necessity for all businesses. When it comes to companies that provide services, social media is a must. Why is this? Social media is the easiest (and cheapest) way to generate buzz about your brand. It is critical for service based businesses to create posts and share them to engage followers and create separation from other similar service providers. Need some inspiration for your next post? Check out these popular ideas from other Save Local Now activity based businesses:

  • Special Discounts – Veteran discounts, teacher discounts
  • Promote your Special Events – If you’re hosting an information session about your services, invite people via social media
  • New Services – Let your followers know when you offer something new
  • Social Media Exclusive Offers – Get 10% off your next service if you like us or $5 Off if you RT #savings
  • Establish Yourself as the “Expert” – create posts about financial strategies, the best way to wash your car or how to lower your insurance premiums

Save Local Now provides an easy-to-use digital marketing platform that allows you create and share your own posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Login to your SLN account now to start sharing!

Marketing for services can be hard. Here are four tips on marketing your service like a product to make it a little bit easier:

  1. Use your Senses.
    Use visuals and text that encompass the experience of your service.
  2. Show your Gains.
    Show your clients how they will benefit through your service and show them what the end result will be. This can be through previous works or even testimonials.
  3. Brand it.
    Though you might not be able to package your service, you can use the location of your store to reflect the brand of your business. If you don’t have a physical location, use your website to package and display your brand.
  4. Emphasize your Customers.
    Make your clients feel involved in your service’s process by emphasizing your customers. Bring relationships into it as well. Create relationships with your customers so they not only feel welcome and return, but they also understand the your guidance and expertise is important and beneficial to them.

Want some more details? Check out the original article.

Whether you provide insurance for homes, cars, or anything else, you too have the opportunity to provide your clients with great deals and promotions. Here are some ideas to get you started on SLN (that don’t all involve discounts):

Free Consultations- This could provide as the perfect opportunity for a prospective client to learn what your company is about and what you have to offer.

Free Quotes- A free quote also is the a good opportunity to get the ball rolling and develop a relationship with your customer.

Switch Now and Save- Reward customers who choose you over your competitors. It may be just the nudge they need to choose you, or the cherry on top of your already competitive deals.

Get to Know Your Customers- Because you have no tangible item to sell, you must rely on developing relationships with your customers. It may be beneficial to include a “Meet our staff” promotion so that prospective customers can familiarize themselves with you.

This link is to a demo insurance company we created. Enjoy!