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Being the wise, experienced adults that we are, we tend to discount the imaginative, if not impractical visions of the children in our life. But in so many ways, we’re really missing this unfiltered perspective in regards to our careers. Small business owners- I’m here to tell you that kids can open up a world of budding information, which you can apply to your business. Here’s seven business (or life) lessons children instinctively know, but adults have somehow forgotten:

1. Take More Risks
Often when a child makes a decision, they do not factor in the effect of this choice. Because of this, children are prone to risk taking. Why is that important for your small business? Great, otherwise unforeseen opportunities come from risk-taking. Go out of your way to try something new in terms of your business plan, or even just introduce a new product/service.

2. Every Day is a Fresh Start
Just because yesterday didn’t go so well, doesn’t mean today won’t be brilliant. Children naturally grasp this concept, and seem to start everyday with a positive demeanor. Adopt this perspective and the stresses of your small business could decline massively. When it comes to small businesses, one day truly does not define the next. Having a bad day of sales, does not mean you will have a bad year. So, take advantage of every passing day!

3. Creativity Can Open New Doors
Most adults know the importance of encouraging creativity in children. Crafts, cooking, playing games: these are all creative outlets for kids. You should view your business as your creative outlet. Just like kids relish in the satisfaction of problem solving, you should do the same. Brainstorm new ideas on a regular basis to keep your business lively.

4. Be Fearless
When we were young, confidence was like our second language. As we age, however, we lose a good amount of this initial self-assurance. That said, its truly important to possess fearlessness as a small business owner. Be brave when it comes to difficult times, and keep pressing on!

5. Scars are Honorable
When children break their arm or wrist on a playground, they walk through the halls of their school as a champion! Their peers sign their cast in awe, and sometimes even become envious of this battle wound. But, as adults, we learn to hide our struggles and mistakes. As a business owner, remind yourself frequently that your struggles are not something to be ashamed of. Every time you hit a low point, its just another opportunity to say “Hey, I got back up again”.

6. How to Forgive
Children can be upset with a person, then hug them five minutes later like the incident never even happened. Even though it might take a little more focus as an adult, try to act this way towards your customers. If a customer causes you to feel annoyed or upset at one point, don’t hold it against them. The next time they visit your business, act as if the incident never even happened.

7. Love Unconditionally
Earning a child’s affection is usually a breeze, because children love unconditionally. When they’re introduced to a new person, they greet them with a smile and a positive outlook. Take a step into this direction, and treat each customer with this same love. Greet them with a smile and no judgement. Furthermore, love your small business unconditionally, nurture it with the attentiveness of a child, and only benefits can prevail.

Take a moment to reflect and appreciate your kids, or any children in your life. They bring a naive, but unexpectedly wise perspective which we can all learn a thing or two from.