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Once you verify your business with us, its essential to utilize each feature of our platform to maximize Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. One part of our business profile page are the embedded keywords which we allow you to select.

I asked my colleague Lizzie Bove to help explain the significance of these keywords: “They’re important because that’s an area where search engines look to figure out what your webpage is all about. So our keywords are embedded into the coding of our webpages. Then whenever someone searches on Google or Yahoo, the given search engine will recognize those key words and content from your SLN webpage,” said Bove. So basically, the keywords are simply metadata which helps give Google an idea of what your page is, very quickly.

Make sure you add a variety of descriptive words into your keyword section. Think about what your consumers may be searching into Google or Yahoo in order to find a business like yours. Do you own a gift shop? You might consider entering broad keywords such as “Gifts”, “Ohio”, “Presents”, and “Souvenirs”. After you tackle the more general terms, it’s easy to distinguish more specific keywords that also describe what your business has to offer. Some examples for a gift shop would be “Cleveland”, “Candles”, “Jewelry”, and “Sterling Silver”.

Using our platform provides flexibility in regards to keywords. We recommend entering at least twenty keywords to begin, but you are able to enter as many as you’d like. Good luck!

Keywords are key (pun intended) to growing your business online. Why? Because keywords are what your consumers type in when searching for products, services and businesses on search engines and across the web, something that most Americans do over 15 billion times a month. Keywords are one of the most important aspects of your online presence.

Not only is it important to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but your marketing campaign as well. The words you choose are the words that you associate with your brand. It’s important to choose the right associations and keep them consistent.

SEO services are expensive, but, lucky you, Save Local Now offers it FOR FREE! When you update your business profile, you can enter your keywords and add as many as you want to help build your SEO. The real question is, how do you know what keywords are best for you? Let’s go through a few things to consider:

Consider the basics, Now go beyond.

If your a pet store, words like pet, dog, cat, food, might be some options you consider, and go ahead and use those, but be more specific as well. Use brand names or less obvious keywords like “pet collars”. You might even consider asking your customers or vendors what words they would use to describe your business.

Review Your Popular Products

Take an inventory and find your most popular products. What are you known for? What makes your business unique? Use those products or services in your keyword list.

Check Your Stats

Review your statistics page. What deals or events got the most views? What email marketing campaigns have the highest open rates? Look for anything that stands out in those deal titles and include them in your keywords.

Keep it Fresh

Though you may only edit your business profile once, don’t hesitate to go back and revamp it every six months or so. You may find some new keywords your haven’t thought of in a while that you might want to add. Or you may want to describe your business in a different way.

Save Local Now has all the SEO you need all in one place. We’ve had success in making several businesses ranked in the #1 and #2 slots on search engines. Take advantage of the free exposure and spend some time on your keywords. It will bring you more business and give your a greater online presence.

One of the most daunting tasks of any business owner can be telling people what you quickly while still setting yourself apart. Unless you’re a huge company with people to do this kind of stuff for you, or you’ve been doing it for years, or maybe you’re a company of poets, the task of talking about what you do is never easy. Yet, it is necessary to get it right in places like on your website, or on marketing materials, or even in conversation. The description of your business could be the make or break of whether a person decides to check you out.

First thing you should do is write down everything you want to say on a piece of paper. I mean everything. Go ahead, now’s your chance, write a whole page if you want to. Make sure you get everything in there. Doesn’t it feel great to unload all that? Now comes the hard part.

We’ve all heard of the elevator pitch concept in which you should be able to pitch your company’s concept and qualifications in the time it takes to ride in an elevator? Let’s try for 4 sentences. Yes, four sentences. Just try it and you can always go over by a sentence or two if you HAVE to. Here’s a few things to keep in mind:

  • Be Honest- if you are small, say that you are small, if you are deliberately slow, say that. Whatever it is, you obviously chose to do business a certain way for a reason and by putting it out there, you will find the right customers for you. Someone is looking for that quality which you have so tell them about it.
  • What do you do for whom and how? This is the real definition of your business. You can play it up with descriptive words in the other sentences, but one of these sentences needs to say just what it is you do. Your company does A for B by doing C.
  • Differentiate yourself. What makes you different from your competitors?  Use keywords to make yourself stand apart. There is something you do differently and you should play to that point.
  • Use a personal tone of voice and speak directly to your customers. It’s important to sound professional but it’s more important to relate to the every day client. Using a bit of humor or speaking in first person can go a long way to draw customers to your company’s personality.
  • Use keywords and be descriptive. Always use words you think people might use in search engines to find your business but you can also be descriptive. Words like distinguished, substantial, and flourishing can sound a lot better than new, small, and great. So get out the old thesaurus and be creative!

The reason I say to stick with 4 sentences is because usually people stop reading after 4 sentences, or keep reading but stop retaining information because they are still processing what they just read. You also don’t want to be too brief as you want to make sure you get the point across that you really care about what you do. So take your original description and just start cutting back using the guidelines above. Be patient and take your time…go ahead…I can wait…

So how did you do? If you really get stuck my last piece of advice is to take a step back from it, ask someone who is familiar with the business and see what they have to say about it maybe even your best customer. After all, it’s their opinion that makes the difference.