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Save Local Now™ will bring customers to your door, so it’s important that your employees understand how $LN works.  To assist you, our team of experts developed this very detailed, highly sophisticated 3 step training regimen.  Please read carefully, understand each step and then tell your employees to:

1.  Download the $LN App and use it!  Not only will they keep informed about your business, but they will also save some bucks at other chamber businesses.


2.  Share your deals and events with their friends/family/sworn enemies….you get the point.  Encourage them to do it every time you post a new deal or event, so the word gets out immediately.


3.  Ask for feedback on deals, promotions and events.  Employees are the best source of customer feedback, so ask them what customers may want to see from you.  Who knows?  One lucky employee just may be your $LN Ninja.

Whew…that was intense!