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Did you know that 76% of consumers say they view customer service as the truest test of how much a business values them (2015 Aspect Consumer Experience Survey)? Chances are, your business already employs a few methods to increase customer service. Good customer service requires  a positive attitude, teamwork, and creativity. All of these attributes lead to higher sales. Once in a while, your business should consider treating your customers to a special event or party to drive sales, and also remind your customers how much you appreciate them. Here’s a few pointers:

– Keep your event local. Choose a location close to your business so customers do not have to go out of their way, and the experience feels personal.

– An event could also be hosted inside your business. Invite customers for complementary food and drinks while encouraging them to shop, or offering a special deal along with your event.

– You could also use your event to promote a best-selling or new product. Invite the product’s representative to come to the event and talk to customers!

– For a more sophisticated event, serve appetizers and refreshments, for a more casual gathering, go with a cookout to appeal to a family oriented crowd.

– Whatever event you choose, make sure the event represents your business image. It should reflect your business’s personality and appeal to your target customers.

– Make sure to promote your event using digital marketing, personal reminders, in-store signage, and invitations for your customers. Save Local Now offers email marketing and easy to use deals and promotions templates for your business- perfect for organizing this type of event.

– Do not be afraid to socialize with your customers! Add a face to your business and get to know customers on a deeper level.

– Always remain professional. Even while you’re socializing, it’s important to keep a responsive, appropriate attitude.

Hosting an event to promote your business does not have to be intimidating. So go ahead and plan a fun, casual, and complementary event for your loyal customers. Show them how much you care about them, and they will return the favor!