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Joining a local Chamber of Commerce can be a hard decision for many business owners. Some look at it as just another incoming expense, and assume it’s not worth the trouble. But what it all comes down to are the member benefits, which often vary between chambers. However, there are many perks across the board to becoming a member. Keep reading to learn seven advantages of joining your Chamber of Commerce!

1. Publicity
Having your business appear on your Chamber’s website will give your business the extra boost you’re looking for. In addition, word-of-mouth referrals are a timeless form of marketing which should not be underestimated.
2. Networking
Regardless of your business’ size, networking is a key component to a success. Connecting with other business owners through the Chamber opens up a world of advice and camaraderie.
3. Sales
Did you know that in a study conducted by the Schapiro Group in 2012 showed that 80% of consumers were more likely to purchase a product or service from a Chamber member? Sales are an important, if not the most important, part of running a business. Your Chamber of Commerce boosts your reputation and therefore contributes to the sales you depend on.
4. Growth
Are you looking to expand your business, or even form a partnership eventually? If so, joining your Chamber can connect you to potential investors, or even instill the confidence, stability, and experience to expand your business.
5. Community Involvement
Becoming a member is simply a great way to give back to your community. It feels rewarding to participate, and also feels rewarding in terms of your business.
6. SEO
Since most Chamber websites have an authoritative relationship with various search engines, a direct linkage to your business’ websites/webpages will cause those search engines to reward your site just by association. This means your website will be rated higher and hopefully generate more traffic.
7. Member Benefits
These will vary among Chambers, but for the most part, becoming a member is usually worth it. Some benefits may be things like discounts, or connections to trade shows or other events. Not to mention, SLN partners with Chambers all over the USA and Canada, and we have an extensive list of benefits just within our platform! Make sure to inquire about us when you join your Chamber!

As aforementioned, becoming a member of your local Chamber of Commerce is usually worth it. If you have a small amount of money left over in your annual budget, you should consider joining, so you, too, can reap all the benefits you just read about!

Save Local Now is thrilled to announce one of our newest partners, Corning Area Chamber of Commerce! And what better way to celebrate than to throw an awesome $LN launch party?!

That’s what the chamber’s president, Denise Ackley, thought — and exactly what they did. “We wanted the main focus to be on Save Local Now. This launch party allowed us to have a plan in place and it gave us a countdown, which was a really good thing.” Check out our behind-the-scenes interview with Denise.

The launch party took about a month to plan. Leading up to it, Communications Director Abby Hoobler did an amazing job creating a buzz with the chamber’s members. From dropping hints at the annual dinner, to creating cliffhanger Facebook posts, members were eager to hear the reveal of their newest member benefit. “Keeping it a secret was the fun part,” said Ackley. “Our members clearly knew it was going to be an app, which piqued their curiosity and built the hype.”

Awesome Facebook post leading up to the launch party

All that prep work paid off —  the launch party was a HUGE success! Members came, some even with their marketing people, and were excited when Ackley announced the new $LN member benefit. There was even a local radio station broadcasting the event live, giving the chamber increased exposure. How awesome is that?!

President, Denise Ackley announcing $LN as the new member benefit

Members then received one-on-one training with chamber employees on how to best use $LN. They were able to sit down with laptops, login to their account, and get help setting up their business on $LN. “The one-on-one attention was great. Members walked away feeling confident and excited,” said Hoobler. “Every member that attended discovered how easy and fun it was to use Save Local Now.”

Now that Save Local Now has launched in the great city of Corning, Ackley is excited to start sharing it with the community. “We are looking forward to seeing where we can take Save Local Now.”

Hoobler said she is looking forward to the success $LN will bring to their members: “We timed this launch perfectly. It is peak tourist season, and this app will be a great resource for visitors.”

If you are interested in having a launch party, or you just want to throw a party, contact your account manager today!

Santa Clara, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley and at the south end of San Fransisco Bay, is coming up on its one-year anniversary with Save Local Now. As always, we wanted to get some feedback on what is working for chamber members there, and what insight might be useful for our partners throughout the country.

It turns out Santa Clara has been doing some totally awesome things to keep the community and the chamber growing!

One of those things is reaching consumers in a creative, effective way. Chamber leaders in Santa Clara realize that for Save Local Now to work, they need to get people using it and finding their members’ promotions. First, they make sure they’re using the marketing materials $LN gives them. “We always take cards and sell sheets to any event we attend,” says Denise Harris, the chamber’s vice president of membership programs.

Denise shared with us some ideas to promote downloads — ideas we hadn’t even considered before. In September 2012, Santa Clara had a community art and wine festival, and the chamber set up a Save Local Now booth. Anyone who came to the booth could download the $LN app and win a prize. “The prizes were all products or services of local business as well, so that helped us to boost business for our members,” Denise says. Innovative ideas like this can help any chamber that’s looking for new ways to promote local business and get consumers to download the app. (We hope you’re taking notes!)

Carol Zimring, the chamber’s membership investment manager, says $LN has been a great tool for improving chamber member relations. She says it’s easy to use to recruit new members for the chamber because businesses see real value in it. “A lot of  businesses have thought about using Groupon or other daily deal programs, and we use $LN as a tool, or door opener to talk to them,” Carol says. “They really like it because it gives them more control” and is free for them.

We also asked Santa Clara’s leaders about how they present $LN to potential members. Carol says, “I usually go into the business to talk and pull the app up on my phone. It takes five minutes.” This is a simple but effective way to talk to business owners because five minutes might be all they have to give. Carol mentioned she can reach different types of businesses with all the different aspects of $LN. “We use it in our sales pitch especially for restaurants and retail…It’s also a great selling point for businesses that just want to post events, such as financial advisors or realtors.” Denise adds, “It’s not just the app — a lot of our members see traffic through the website.”

Santa Clara also mails new-member toolkits and quarterly member briefings to keep their businesses informed about chamber news and community events. When the chamber gets a new member, it immediately enters them into the Save Local Now platform. Then, “I like to follow up with an email to let them know they are on there and if they have any questions, we are here for them,” says Alice Martinez, member relations specialist for the Santa Clara chamber. (That’s a nice gesture, and a great idea.)

We were pleased to hear great ideas and perspective from Santa Clara about promoting local buying to the community and using $LN to help businesses grow. I want to remind our partner chambers and businesses (that’s you!) that we’re happy and eager to provide any other materials that will support your companies and communities. Our team works hard for you, so keep the ideas flowing, and we’ll do the same on our end. Also, don’t forget to read the articles on this blog for great tips from other chambers and communities across the country (and soon globe?) Stay tuned…


The Greater Belleville Chamber of Commerce in Belleville Illinois has shared some fantastic news with us! After launching in early February this year they added 7 new members to the chamber in the first 2 weeks after launching!

Wow! First we’d like to say a big

HELPING LOCAL CHAMBERS OF COMMERCE GROW IS WHAT WE’RE ALL ABOUT and so we’re thrilled to hear about your success!

Wendy Pfeil, Belleville’s membership director, has been working with her Save Local Now account manager to get both new and existing members excited about the value $LN provides member businesses. Immediately after launching Wendy set up several training sessions with current members. “I am excited to see how welcoming our Chamber members are to this new app.”

Wendy also said she was using the $LN as a tool to garnish new membership. “We are working on a campaign with our local paper to push $LN out to the Belleville Community.” Great idea! The more people (both businesses and consumers) know about the suite of products offered by Save Local Now, the more people will be using it. We are only successful when the chamber is successful and the whole community grows and thrives! Let’s grow local from the inside out!!