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Social media has become somewhat of a necessity for all businesses. When it comes to companies that focus on shopping and retail, social media is a must. Why is this? Social media is the easiest (and cheapest) way to generate buzz about your brand. It is critical that shopping focused businesses create posts and share them so consumers can see your products and engage with your offering. Need some inspiration for your next post? Check out these popular ideas from other Save Local Now activity based businesses:

  • Deals – Advertise your latest deals or advertise a flash sale for social media followers only
  • New Products – Let your followers know when you get a new line in the store
  • Social Media Exclusive Offers – (Get 10% off your next purchase if you like us or $5 Off if you RT #savings)
  • Establish Yourself as the “Expert” – create posts about style trends, the best antique shows or the right running shoe for different types of runners

Save Local Now provides an easy-to-use digital marketing platform that allows you create and share your own posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Login to your SLN account now to start sharing!

Introducing one of the newest perks to the SLN platform…..(drum roll please)…the Save Local Now Widget!  We never stop trying to improve our platform for chambers, businesses and consumers alike; and this is just another great way to keep everything local and promote your members.  Not sure what a widget is or how it works?  No need to fear, we’ve got you covered!  

What is the Save Local Now Widget?

The Save Local Now Widget allows chambers of commerce to take the content they and their members post on Save Local Now and embed it directly within a website.  It’s a great way to add quality substance and drive more traffic to a chamber and its member businesses.

Need a visual?  Check out one of our partner chambers, Boost Fayetteville, for an example!  http://www.boostfayetteville.com/promote/

How does the widget work?

There are three separate Save Local Now widgets: Local Businesses, Local Deals and Local Events.  You can use all three widgets or any combination of the three, depending on your need.  We provide chambers with a customized code for each one, which just needs to be copied and pasted into the website framework. It’s that easy!

Anything else I should know about the widget?

The widget team at Save Local Now has worked with a variety of websites and chambers, providing suggestions for each one to make sure everything functions perfectly.  Bonus: once the widget is installed, our team can color match it to fit the look of any chamber’s website.  

How do I get started?

Interested in learning more about the Save Local Now widget for your chamber’s website?  Visit http://blog.savelocalnow.com/widget/ to set up a brief call today!  We’ll go over all the details and answer any questions you have.                                                                                                 *You must be a signed chamber partner with Save Local Now to use the widgets.*

This is a win-win for chambers and businesses alike.  Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.