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Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

  • Title: Buy Three Get One Free Tires
    Description: Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Goodyear Tire special. Get the details here… 
  • Title: Spring Cleaning Special
    Description: You’ve cleaned your house, now your car needs a spring cleaning as well! Our Spring Cleaning Special includes a BG Better Oil change, Fuel-Induction Service, Multi-point inspection and tire rotation 
  • Title: Back to College Special
    Description: Get your student back to school safely with – – 5 Qt. Standard Oil Change – Tire Rotation AND Multipoint Vehicle Inspection All For Just – $34.95 (provide College ID to claim). 
  • Title: Leasing Deal on Chevrolets
    Description: $249/month plus tax for 39 months (after all offers). $500 due at signing and 10K miles per year.

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Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

Free Consultation: Provide free consultations for new customers! This helps to create a strong relationship right off the bat and helps to draw customers in.

Advertise Listings: If you have any new listings available, create a post advertising the newly available homes. Also, add a link to your websites that show them more details about their dream home.

Low Mortgage and APR Rates: If you provide low mortgage and APR rates, announce it! It gives you a competitive edge over other businesses.

Open Houses: If you have any local open houses coming up, create an event that advertises the location and time so that your customers stay informed!

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See a sample realtor company profile here:

Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

Advertise Your Special Events: Are you hosting a special event or holiday event? Let people know about it so they can plan ahead (or maybe even plan an entire trip around your event)!

Honeymoon Specials: A couple only gets one honeymoon-get them to chose you to help them celebrate! Provide deals, packages, or specials for the happy couples that they will remember for ever.

Student Travel Deals: Provide discounts for students traveling for Spring break or any other Holiday! You will attract large groups of students with your low prices-college students are always looking for deals!

Advertise Your Amenities: Do you provide free breakfast, Wi-Fi, a pool, a fitness room, or anything else? Advertise it! Create a promotion that informs your guests of all the amenities you offer!

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Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

Buy One Get One- The second one doesn’t necessarily half to be free, but more dates or large groups may come to your location if they know they can save some money!

National Croissant Day- Or coffee day, or donut day, or pizza day. Whatever your specialty is, make an entire day dedicated it to it. Provide a deal that customers look forward to the entire year!

Punch Cards- Offer a punch card at their first visit to your establishment that offers a free purchase after a set number of purchases! This creates a sense of accomplishment for your customers and may encourage them to continue coming.

Children Discounts- Offering discounts, free purchases, or children-sized meal creates a family-friendly environment!

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These links are to demo Food and Drink companies that we created!




Promotion and Deal Ideas for Shopping

Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

Birthday Deals- Offer discounts or deals for your loyal customer’s birthdays! It shows them you care and gives them a birthday gift–from you!

Holiday Deals- The time of the year where everyone is buying gifts for their loved ones. If you offer deals, your customers can save money and be able to get more for their friends and family.

New Products- Provide promotions for any new items or brands, let your customers know by advertising it! They then know where it is available. If it is a well-known brand, try promoting before hand so that your customers get excited.

Sidewalk Sales- Or end of the season sales, or anything else-let your customers know! If you advertise it before hand, your customers will get excited and plan a visit to your store!

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Check out these example businesses for inspiration:




Whether you provide insurance for homes, cars, or anything else, you too have the opportunity to provide your clients with great deals and promotions. Here are some ideas to get you started on SLN (that don’t all involve discounts):

Free Consultations- This could provide as the perfect opportunity for a prospective client to learn what your company is about and what you have to offer.

Free Quotes- A free quote also is the a good opportunity to get the ball rolling and develop a relationship with your customer.

Switch Now and Save- Reward customers who choose you over your competitors. It may be just the nudge they need to choose you, or the cherry on top of your already competitive deals.

Get to Know Your Customers- Because you have no tangible item to sell, you must rely on developing relationships with your customers. It may be beneficial to include a “Meet our staff” promotion so that prospective customers can familiarize themselves with you.

This link is to a demo insurance company we created. Enjoy!



We’re excited to inform you that, just last month, Save Local Now finalized its partnership with iHeart Media! This media powerhouse is now our exclusive radio partner nationwide; this means, no matter the market, partners of SLN can now purchase radio advertising at a discount. The possibilities here are endless: traditional radio, online radio, mobile app, and banner advertisements are all available to you and your members.

With strategic and meaningful partnerships like this, we’re fulfilling our brand promise of leveling the digital playing field for chambers of commerce and their member businesses.

For a market-specific quote, send your request to: marketing@savelocalnow.com.

Struggling to come up with campaign ideas for your medical business? Not sure what to promote? Look no further! Here are a couple of ideas we’ve put together to help you out:

  1. Learn More About our Services – by using the platform to promote your various programs and services, you’re giving the consumer an easy way of familiarizing themselves with your business.
  1. Questions About Healthcare? We’ve Got You Covered – Everyone appreciates talking to a real person when it comes to their health and wellness. Promote your customer service department in order to show your community you’re there for them whenever they need you. 
  1. How to Protect Yourself this Flu Season – Using SLN to promote interesting articles, recent findings, and informative materials is a great way to keep your content fresh while also keeping the community informed.
  1. Meet the Physicians- Highlighting your staff is just one of the many ways you can give your business a more personal feel. Creating relationships with members of the community is essential when it comes to keeping clients happy as well as gaining new ones. 
  1. Apply for Jobs Online- Don’t forget that SLN is a great way to post job listings! This is just another way you can use SLN to reach your community while also benefitting your business.

We totally get it, not every business is equipped to offer price reductions, percentages off, buy-one-get-one, or as we like to call them, “deals.” That doesn’t mean SLN isn’t for you! With the SLN platform you can create endless promotional content. If you aren’t sure what to offer, check out some of these ideas to get you started:

Free Consultation- This is a great option for businesses that want to get people in the door but don’t necessarily have the option of offering discounts.

Free Quote- Similarly to free consultations, this promotion gets the ball rolling with the client.

Learn More About Personal Loans and Lines of Credit- Use the platform to highlight details about the different programs and services you offer. This will insure you always have relevant content on your profile while also letting consumers learn more about your company.

Online Banking now Available on an App- Create campaigns that feature different products or services that are unique to your business. Not only will this help differentiate you from other businesses, it will also guarantee you always have fresh content for your consumers.

Speak to a Professional- When in doubt, offer up your expertise! Consumers like knowing that they can talk to a real person when they need help. By letting clients know they can speak to a professional at any time, you’re helping to create a more personal relationship.


Digital Advertising is continuing to grow at a rapid pace, but it is nothing compared to what is happening in the mobile market place. Mobile advertising doubled last year for the first time in a decade, and it will be on pace to jump another 75% this year as well! Google, Facebook, and Twitter dominate this arena, but that doesn’t mean that there are no other opportunities out there to get in front of your consumers (ahem, $LN does a great job of this).phone graph (mashable)

Before you decide where (or which platform) you would like to associate your brand with, it is a good idea to know what to look for when choosing an effective mobile advertising opportunity. Michael Essany wrote an excellent article on the 5 Tips for Improving Your Mobile Advertising Efforts and Save Local Now could not agree more with his findings. So with out further ado, check out these great tips to help guide you on creating a mobile advertising campaign:

1. Simplify Design and Text

Consumers who browse while on the go want the information they find to be short, sweet, and to the point. While there may be room in your desktop advertising campaigns to provide far more detail, the same is not true in the world of mobile advertising. When speaking of mobile, simplicity is the best approach in both graphic design and text.

2. Responsive Design is a Must

The increase in global consumer Internet connectivity has led to a corresponding increase in cross-screen browsing on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This means it is now essential that your advertising is responsive and capable of molding to fit on the narrower screens of today’s hottest mobile devices.

3. Incorporate an App

Approximately 100 billion app downloads are projected to take place worldwide in 2014. In short, consumers like apps and they are more likely to pay attention to a mobile ad if they see that your company or product has an app that can be downloaded.

4. Incorporate Social Media

While mobile devices were initially created to give consumers access to the web on the go, the vast majority of mobile usage now happens within the home. This makes it important to consider social campaigns on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Incorporating social media outlets will not only boost mobile traffic, but will create more awareness, especially to mobile-centric products.

5. Location Is Key

Targeting consumers by their geographic location is not a new theme in online advertising, but it can be taken to new levels in the mobile world. Instead of just thinking of where consumers will be from a geographic standpoint, consider where they will be browsing from a mobile standpoint. Are they home? Are they all shopping? Are they traveling? By identifying where your target audience will be when they are reading your ads, you can further customize your advertising to your target audience.

All in all, to guarantee maximum impact and effectiveness, mobile ads must be short, helpful, engaging, and both topically and geographically relevant.