Using Social Media To Boost Your Business with $LN

Social Media sites are here to stay. It seems like everyone has a Facebook and a Twitter account these days. People are following the tweets and posts of anyone who they want to hear information from whether it’s  politicians, news organizations, or their favorite celebrity. So there is no real reason not to tap into the resource of social media.

If you haven’t created a page on Facebook or Twitter yet here are a couple of reasons why you should consider it.

But you don’t have to create an account on these sites to reap the benefits. One of the ways this is possible is with your Save Local Now app. You could easily create a deal or event that promotes sharing on social media without actually having a page.

Imagine a deal or event that offers 20% off to those people who share the discount on Facebook, and an additional 5% for every friend that shares the deal from their page. All they would have to do is come in to the store and show you their Facebook page on their mobile phone.

By doing this even once could create a huge outpouring of your business name on people’s computer screens. With Save Local Now you can edit the deal or event anytime you want. So if you get overwhelmed you can take the discount down or if you expect too big of a rush you can include the disclaimer “while supplies last” or “only valid for the first 50 customers.” The real benefit here: People seeing your business name on their friends pages will check out your company and what it’s all about.

Also as I mention my article about SEO the more your name is re-tweeted, posted, shared, the more your search engine ranking will go up. This is a  because it makes your business easier to find and more likely to get business over your competitors. So by increasing your own shares, you encourage others to share as well.