Small Business Opportunities For Summer Months

For many small towns, June and July are the peak of tourist season. It can be overwhelmingly busy for local businesses who have limited space and time, but want maximum sales. The following are some strategies to help YOUR local business grow during these busy summer months:

1. Use or Sell Local Products
If you are a restaurant, this could mean using locally grown vegetables and fruits. If you are a gift shop, offer products created by local artists, or merchandise unique to your community.

2. Reach out to your Chamber of Commerce
Coordinate with the Chamber and other small businesses to use Save Local Now as a marketing platform, supporting local shopping!

3. Make it Easy for Tourists to Shop Again
Make sure you have a user-friendly, updated website, where customers who live out of town can visit to make purchases from afar.

4. Participate in Local Fairs or Events
Set up a booth and get involved! This is a way to grab the attention of tourists who could become new customers.

5. Remind Tourists Why Your Business is Worth Returning to
Email marketing and Search Engine Optimization are key components to grabbing the attention of long-distance customers. Along with these tactics, social media is a smart way to stay in contact with tourists. Keeping active accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can only increase business. Lastly, Save Local Now allows you to create enticing deals and promotions, while pushing out your information, which keeps customers returning again and again.

So don’t shy away from June and July. Embrace tourist season and make the most of it. You will meet new people who can become customers all year long!

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