Search Engine Optimization…SEO What?

If you have read any of the blogs where I mention using keywords to describe your business, or promoting your business through social media, chances are you’ve heard me mention SEO. Whether you’ve heard of SEO or not, it can be a tricky thing to comprehend. So let’s go through it.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and refers to how high up your webpage shows up in search engines when people use them to search for your product. So if you sell shoes in Racine, Wisconsin and someone does a search for “shoes, Racine” in Google, Yahoo, Bing or any of the others and your page is the first to come up, you have good SEO.

How can you change your SEO?

This is a tricky question as each search engine has its own “algorithm” to determine which websites appear higher in results. Some of the things they are looking for include:

  • Words
  • Titles
  • Number of Links
  • Words in Links
  • Reputation

Well, I have some really great news for you:

Save Local Now has an entire team dedicated to improving your SEO!

The way it works is we take your “Keywords” category in your business profile on $LN and use SEO best practices to make sure those keywords link up with your business! This means people will be able to find your business easier, faster, and most important, before they find others. Just another way we try to make your business BOOM!

There are also ways you can create better SEO practices for yourself so take a look at this Periodic Table of SEO Factors from the experts at the website Search Engine Land and try to follow these simple guidelines when creating any content on the web:

Content: Whether describing your deal on $LN or editing your company’s website, try to use keywords people might search for when looking for your business, as well as having fresh, and engaging content. Websites that are outdated move down on the Search Engines list.

Headlines: There should be headlines or highlighted keywords on your webpage. This does not mean you should put a word in bold every time you want people to find you through it as this is considered a violation, not to mention looks terrible. There are ways to lay out the content on your page in a simple and well organized manner that will let browsers know exactly what your business is about.

Sharing: The more people are sharing your Deals, Events, or business name through social media and other sites the better your website’s SEO. We create the option to share every Deal and Event through $LN so that people can in turn share them with their friends!