QR Code-What the heck is it?

A QR Code is short for a Quick Response Code, and if you don’t know what it looks like it’s the picture above. It’s a matrix type bar code that can be easily scanned by smartphones to take the user to a website or destination on the internet. It is the simplest way for a consumer to check out what they are looking at without searching for the correct information to type into their browser. They simply scan the code.

On the business end of things, a QR code can be a powerful marketing tool. You can use it to direct customers to any page you want from an email sign-up on your website, to your facebook or twitter page, or better yet, to your deals and events page on $LN! They are inexpensive to create (actually they are free for Save Local Now members) so you should try to put them on things like business cards, flyers, pamphlets, and price tags.

If you don’t think anyone is using the QR code system, think again. The app to scan a QR code is easy enough to download but most smartphones have them already installed.  According to a report by emarket, a market research firm, “nearly 20 million US adults will redeem a mobile coupon this year,” and that number is expected to double by 2013. If you need more incentive, AisleBuyer found that 82% of mobile couponers ages 25-34 said they would switch brands if they received a mobile coupon for a competing product while shopping. It’s not just the younger shoppers though, over one-fourth of all scanned QR codes were scanned by 35-44 year old consumers. The numbers are only expected to increase as well as smartphones become the norm and retailers become mobile saavy. As it is already 75% of online retailers use QR codes.

So why aren’t you using them? Not only stores, but services and restaurants can also use these codes effectively. If you think it’s hard for a business like a dentist to create a deal or event on Save Local Now, try slapping a QR code to your $LN page on a poster about what you’re offering. The number of deals redeemed might surprise you.

Just so you know you can create your QR code for free to your $LN page, or any other page of your liking in your business profile on $LN’s website. You’re welcome! We’re happy to help!

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