Go QR-azy!

Ever shop at one of your favorite stores and the salesperson says, “Don’t forget to sign up for our email list at www.oh-my-goodness-this-is-the-longest-URL-in-history.com”? If so, you would probably forget the web address and miss out on whatever deals and promotions you would have received.

Why even ask a consumer to remember a web address at all? Instead, let’s imagine a world where the sales clerk asks you to use your phone and simply scan the QR code on the counter, automatically taking you to an email sign-up page.  You could receive deals by the time you get back to your car.

Welcome to the power of Save Local Now.

A QR Code is short for a Quick Response Code. It’s a matrix type bar code that can be easily scanned by smartphones to take the user to a website or an internet destination. It is the simplest way for a consumer to get what he or she is looking for — scan the code to automatically go to a specific URL.

We at $LN have always provided you with free and unlimited QR codes, but we heard from members like you that it wasn’t easy enough.  So we totally rebuilt our QR code creator from the ground up! You can download the QR code for print advertising or change it to any web address you like. You can also make as many different ones as you want, as often as you want.

“Doing Well by Doing Good” mural by QR code creator Pedro Morales.

We provide these for you because we know that QR codes can be a powerful marketing tool. Here are a few reasons why the codes are valuable:

1 QR codes bridge offline and online marketing. Today, you need to reach your customers where they are, and many of them are nose-deep into their mobile devices and only have time to check out businesses that understand technology.

2 – QR codes are inexpensive marketing. Well, actually they are free!

3 – QR codes are marketing that fits. Literally, you can make them as big or as small as you want and put them on ANYTHING. Think, business cards, receipts, giant wall murals, bumper stickers, shopping bags, bills — like we said, pretty much anything!

4 – They are growing in popularity, and not just among younger shoppers. In fact, over one-fourth of all scanned QR codes were scanned by 35 to 44-year-old consumers. The numbers are only expected to increase, as smartphones become the norm and retailers become mobile-savvy.

5 – QR codes are here to stay! 75% of online retailers use QR codes to drive consumers and customer loyalty. So what are you waiting for?

Tip for the day: Go QR crazy!