Promotion Ideas for Travel

Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

Advertise Your Special Events: Are you hosting a special event or holiday event? Let people know about it so they can plan ahead (or maybe even plan an entire trip around your event)!

Honeymoon Specials: A couple only gets one honeymoon-get them to chose you to help them celebrate! Provide deals, packages, or specials for the happy couples that they will remember for ever.

Student Travel Deals: Provide discounts for students traveling for Spring break or any other Holiday! You will attract large groups of students with your low prices-college students are always looking for deals!

Advertise Your Amenities: Do you provide free breakfast, Wi-Fi, a pool, a fitness room, or anything else? Advertise it! Create a promotion that informs your guests of all the amenities you offer!

Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

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