Preparing for the Holidays

The holidays can be a really great time for small businesses but that doesn’t mean they have to be. Consumers have a lot of choices these days in where to go for their holiday shopping, supplies, and services. It’s crucial that you give customers a reason to choose you over your competition and we’ve got some really great ideas for you on how to do that.

1) Talk about yourself-If you are locally owned and operated, or taking the precautions to be environmentally friendly, or are constantly retraining your staff, let people know! Whatever it is your proud of make sure you, and all your employees are getting the word out.

2) Create an event-During the holidays everyone loves a party. You can post your event on Save Local Now and then let people know as they come in what the event entails and how they can participate. Even, having a free event with giveaways will lead to further business for you that day and in the future so feel free to channel your inner Kris Kringle.

3) Create a deal- Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday-these are all great but many people avoid those days as a general rule to get their shopping done. Putting your deals on Save Local Now and encouraging downloads will ensure that people continue to use the app to find your business and future deals as well.

4) Get involved in your chamber-Holidays are a time when chambers are planning things and getting ready for the new year so why not get involved? It will help you build community partnerships which lead to more recommendations and a reputation with the locals. If you can’t have an event of your own maybe you can sponsor something the chamber is doing, maybe you want to be on the board for the upcoming year. Chambers always love participation and feedback from their members so do your part to be an active member.

The thing about these suggestions is they will continue to work for you all year round no matter if there is a holiday or not. The key is not just expecting business to get better but being actively involved in it’s growth!