Mobile spending to double? Local gets on board!

Local and mobile, oh my! Street Fight, a media and research company that focuses on local as well as commerce and technology posted a blog article that you might want to read. It tells us that mobile spending is predicted to double this year and that local markets are well aware. Among other awesome statistics are statements like this:

“…local is becoming more important to the mobile advertising industry as a whole. The first adopters to any new medium tend to be national marketers, according to the report, but their local counterparts are quickly coming on board…”

and we really thought our partners could give themselves a pat on the back when they read this one:

“…Local traditional media companies need to have ample offerings available in order to capitalize on this important shift in spending. Banner ads on mobile just don’t cut it…”

Oh wait! But it gets so much better! After that article they followed up with another article about how mobile advertising is important but mobile ads alone aren’t the key.

One of the most important things about Save Local Now is that it isn’t just an ad platform, it’s a platform for you the business to use real marketing techniques to capture your consumers where they are already spending their time. The mobile user gets an experience that is more personal to their needs and their relationship with the business. It’s our goal to lead the way for local in the mobile industry and articles like this show us we are well on our way.