How many downloads of the App are there in my city?

Apple (iPhone) and Google (Android) do not make this easy. These aggregate all app downloads by region (meaning the USA or the Americas is a region). So we don’t have any way to accurately count downloads for any once city. And downloads are not a good indicator of usage, since some people may download the app and never use it again.

USAGE: That is the why $LN analytics focus on Browser + iPhone + Android clicks + Facebook Shares + Tweets + Email shares per city or chamber. That is really the true picture of usage. While apps are the future (50% of US households use apps), we’re finding in most markets, ~50-70% of consumer usage is still generated from the $LN website. For example, a chamber of 500 members has averaged about 30,000 consumer clicks by month 3 after launch.

IN SUMMARY: If you are trying to gauge usage for the board of a potential new member, it’s best to give them the full usage picture (Browser + iPhone + Android clicks + Facebook Shares + Tweets + Email shares) using the $LN Member Stats and Chamber Analytics reporting.

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