Offering Exclusive Deals & Events are extremely successful

When a person sees a deal offering savings, they get excited. When a person sees an exclusive deal or event not available to everyone, they feel obligated to use it. Offering something to only a small handful of people can make your customer feel special, important, and appreciated. This is one of the best ways to guarantee your offer will be redeemed!

A great way to accomplish this is to use the tools already available to you. Even if you don’t keep an email list of customers (You should!) or a social media page (We can teach you!_ you can still create a VIP event or exclusive deal using Save Local Now! Here are a few ideas on how this could work for you:

Promote $LN downloads: Create a deal that is “exclusively for Save Local Now users.” In the description tell your clients that they will be asked to show the deal from their mobile device or print it out from home. Emphasize that it is only for those customers who have found the deal on $LN. This will encourage people who have found the offer to tell their friends to start using Save Local Now! This will also encourage existing customers to constantly check out your offers on $LN.

Get more social media presence: Even if you don’t have a social media page you can use Save Local Now to create a deal or event that can only be redeemed by the sharing of it by your customers. In the deal description, explain that the person must prove (either through mobile or print) that they have shared your deal or event on their Facebook or Twitter page.

Create return customers: I personally think this is a great idea for Events specifically but you could use it for Deals just as easily. Why not create a Special VIP offer with discounted available to those who sign up for your email list? Use the Save Local Now custom button option to drive consumers to a landing page that allows them to type in their email address, or tell them in the event description to come in and sign up for a VIP ticket to the event! As an added incentive you could let them know that you plan on offering future discounts or parties only to the people on that list. People will be sure to check back with you again and again!

So, to summarize, you don’t need to have an established social media presence or a robust email list to create these exclusive deals and events,  you can use Save Local Now to reap the benefits of both!