Email Marketing Tips Using SLN

Organize your email lists:

Spend time organizing your email lists. This will be the longest part of the email marketing process. Organize your email lists into audience groups by interest, category, location and more. You can create as many groups as you like to help you target important contacts: donors & volunteers, customers & prospects or patrons & vendors.

Know who you are sending to:

Take into account the email lists and tailor your messages to make your recipients pay attention and take action.

Focus on your posts:

On SLN, your emails are based on the posts you have created. Make sure the promotions, deals, and events have engaging titles (these titles will be the subject lines for your emails) and have content that people will be interested in.

Look at the stats:

In the email tab on the platform, you will be able to see the open and click-through rates for each of your emails. Take note on which types of emails do the best, and release more emails of that nature.

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