Things You Should Know About Cyber Monday

In light of cyber Monday and small business Saturday, we thought we’d talk about the importance of using mobile apps. Today, nearly 130 million Americans will be shopping on their mobile devices.  That’s 43 million more than last year. With over 81 billion total apps to be downloaded by 2013, one of the best ways to market your business is to market through mobile apps. Let’s look at some interesting statistics:

84% of small business owners saw an increase in business activity after mobile marketing efforts

26% of small businesses have mobile friendly websites

64% of small businesses will increase mobile marketing budget.

69% agreed that mobile marketing is key to small business growth in next 5 years

If your still not convinced that mobile marketing is the way to go keep this in mind, by 2015, mobile online shopping will reach $163 billion worldwide. It is important for small businesses to keep up. Not sure if your business needs a mobile app? Here is a list of the top business with mobile apps

Restaurants: 22%

Professional Services: 14%

Fitness Clubs: 12%

Hotels and Resorts: 11%

Nightclubs & Bars: 11%

Musicians: 10%

Nonprofit Organizations: 7%

Automotive: 5%

Other Small Businesses: 8%

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