Thinking up a Deal That Will Attract Customers

Is it just us, or do unlimited options take the ease out of decision-making? When you were little and your teacher said, “Draw whatever you want,” nobody could decide what to draw! Sometimes, for a business owner, creating a deal with limitless options is a lot harder than it should be.

Here are few tips on how to create the best deal for both your business and your customers’ needs.

1) Find out what people want.

Ask your employees, ask your friends and family, and definitely ask your customers. Answers will vary but you will get an idea of what people want. A few important questions might be: “What items/services would you like to see discounted?” “What would you buy more of if it was offered as buy-2-get-1-free?” “What item/service are you most likely to tell a friend about?”

2) Use what’s available.

Check your books on what items are overstocked or what services would be easy to discount. Offering a deal is only beneficial to you if it is easy to make a profit. You don’t want to offer a discount and lose money!

3) Consider these options or get creative.

There are so many popular kinds of deals these days.  Consider what is right for your business and your customers. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Exclusive deals to $LN: Encourage downloads and shopping local by creating a deal only for those who have the app or printed the deal from! read more here
  • One-day flash sales: These work best with a quick email early in the day to tell people what will be discounted for that day only. Make sure you have enough supply to make the offer.
  • Social media sharing: Offer something to people who can show that they have shared your business or deal with at least 3 friends! This can last any amount of time and is best for businesses that have a page set up on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and other social media sites.
  • Business to business deal: Encourage other local business owners or employees to stop in!
  • Deal bundling: Offer a discount as long as something else is purchased. This works well with introducing a new product or service and can even be done as a co-deal between multiple businesses. see here

The possibilities are endless. With Save Local Now, you can test different options and track them on your statistics page to see which are most popular with customers.

Hopefully this helps inspire creativity! Remember to check back for more ideas, and don’t forget to use “Contact Us” if you have questions or want to share your success. We’d love to hear from you!