Give People a Reason to Come – It’s simple to create a deal, an event or both.

You’re looking for a return on your marketing dollars, and with Save Local Now, those dollars equal zero. You can connect with buyers and members of your community for free, promoting unlimited deals and events.

You’re in control. You’re in the driver’s seat. You can take the wheel. But you do have to get in the car and turn it on — create a deal or an event.

If you have a current promotion (or want to devise one for Save Local Now viewers), simply log in, and enter the wording and amount. People will see it right away. (And don’t worry if it’s not perfect — any deal can be modified, deactivated or replaced in seconds.)

Consider using deals you already have planned — “Happy Hour” specials, a 20% discount off the first order of lumber, a $15 limited-time special offer on a cool wind chime, whatever. Just put it up there.

If you have an upcoming event, get the word to your audience for free, so more people show up to your live music festival, sidewalk sale, charity shindig or masquerade ball (in which case you’re morally obligated to invite the entire Save Local Now team). For example, a business aiming to promote a one-day sale could create a unique promotion, announcing the special day in advance and then issuing a customized coupon.

People will see your offer or event easily when using the Save Local Now app, and you’re listing will stand out.

Posting deals and events will help you…

  • Acquire new customers. You’ll give them a “hook” to check you out.
  • Increase awareness of offers.
  • Invite customers to try your new product or service.
  • Attract more eyeballs to your company website (you can drive them to your home page or specific URL)
  • Test promotions.
  • Add a different vehicle to your marketing mix.

Don’t just watch and hope. Plan, post and thrive.