Congratulations Modern Hair Designers!!!

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Modern Hair Designers in Clintonville, WI had small beginnings.  Sandy Bruette opened the first salon in 1988 and has watched her business expand to three locations around town; Modern Hair Designers, Modern Hair II, and Modern Hair III of Embarrass.  Last April, Modern Hair Designers celebrated its 25th anniversary in the small town of 4,000 residents.  But this long run isn’t the only triumph the salon has to smile about.

Not unlike many small businesses, Modern Hair Designers does not have a website or anything more than a Facebook page to help with promotions and deals.  Nevertheless, using Save Local Now’s digital marketing platform, the salon has received almost 10,000 impressions!  Keep in mind that Clintonville, WI is home to only 4,000 residents.


It began a few months ago when owner Sandy Bruette was looking into e-mail marketing platforms to push business deals and events out to her customers.  When the Clintonville Chamber of Commerce told her about using Save Local Now, she thought she would give it a shot.  No one could have predicted the impressive outcome.

Save Local Now is extremely proud of all partner chambers and businesses. It’s success stories like these that really define why we do what we do every day. Modern Hair Designers is just one testament to the success of our platform.  Congratulations Sandy and the entire team!!

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