Checklist: How to handle Small Business Saturday like a champ!

Small Business Saturday is a tradition started in 2010 by American Express to encourage consumers to visit their local and smaller sized businesses. Falling on the day after Black Friday when big box stores are knocking down prices (and sometimes people) to get rid of products, Small Business Saturday offers shoppers a more comfortable experience with unique items. We obviously think it is a good idea to shop local any time of the year but we love the idea of having a special day for the businesses. Thus, here is a quick checklist for things a small business owner can do to prepare for the day. (Hint: A lot of these you can do using your Save Local Now account!)

Business Champ

___  Visit the American Express Website

They have a lot of free resources for you to use! Everything from logos and printables to shopping bags and doormats to let your customers know you are participating in the event. You can also join community circles and use social media templates to spread the word.

___  Update your email contact list

Clear out the bouncers and add any new ones you might have acquired. Also have fresh email sign up sheets ready for the big day.

___  Create a holiday deal that encourages referrals

There is nothing you can do in your own marketing efforts that outweighs the recommendation of a good friend. With everyone looking to spend some money in the next two months, now is a good time to launch this deal and let it expire after the new year.

___  Create a countdown to the big day

Post it to your social media accounts or send it out in email. Get creative with it! You can post a new picture of some great item in your store with every new day or post something that will be on your menu to entice local shoppers to stop by for the Small Business Specials. If you are a service or less visual business you can still keep it fun by adding quick videos or snap shots of the staff to let people see your fun side!

___  Update your information

A lot of people will be in from out of town. Make sure your address and contact information is correct both on your Save Local Now profile, and on any other travel or business listing sites.

___  Encourage year-round savings

Encourage every new customer who comes through the door on Small Business Saturday to download the Save Local Now app. Remind them that they can find you, and all the other local businesses in the chamber on Save Local Now any time of the year, and even follow their favorites.

We are wishing you all the very best of luck for Small Business Saturday as well as the rest of the holidays! Please remember to check back in with us at the blog for more tips, tricks, and holiday fun! Also, If you have a great holiday idea or story to share with us please do so at We look forward to hearing from you!