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You may have noticed the social media icons on a few sections of the SLN platform. I’m here to tell you that these icons, although small, have a huge effect on the success of your SLN page and even on your business. So, listen up. If you have accounts for your business on Facebook, Twitter, or Google +, it’s time to start pushing your SLN content as far as possible! Here is some useful information about sharing on social media:

We Make It Simple

It doesn’t get easier than this. We allow you to share your business profile, deals/promotions, events, and email content on most of your social media platforms all through the click of a button. By clicking on the Facebook icon, for example, you have the opportunity to push all of the content you’ve produced on SLN to all of your loyal customers. And even better, those loyal customers may choose to share your content, and reach even more individuals. Winning!

Social Media is a Necessity

It’s becoming increasingly important that small businesses have a social media presence. Make sure that your information is accurate and consistent across all the social media platforms you run. Facebook has the best ROI in terms of social media content posting. The more time and content you put in to your social media, the more likely you are to see a rise in sales, and Facebook is the front-runner in this area. Because of that, it’s a crime not to use it to your business’ advantage.

Be Aware of Your Followers

Is there a particular type of post your followers love to see? What receives the most likes or responses on your social media platforms? Think about these questions when sharing and creating your SLN content. You want to keep making your followers and customers happy!

Hopefully you’ve learned a few things about the significance of social media sharing. At SLN, we want you to be found online. We want that coveted recognition for your business. But at the end of the day, users who continually create and share new information on social media have better SEO, and better overall results. If you’re curious about these results, look up “Fresh Coffee Olmsted Falls, OH” on Google. Keep your eye out for The Village Bean Cafe; their SLN page appears before their competitors such as Starbucks. We love to see success stories like these, so, that said, good luck with social media sharing!

Pokémon Go has become an overnight sensation.  This AR (augmented reality) game has more active users than Twitter and more engagement than Facebook.  It has become the largest mobile game in US history in less than a week, passing the previous record holder, Candy Crush.  Everyone is a part of the Pokémon Go craze and small business revenue has seen a dramatic increase because of the mechanics of the game.  Your small business may see an increase too if you do these things.

Pay to have Pokémon be at your store front.

A pizza shop owner paid $10 to have certain Pokemon appear in his shop and sales instantly rose 75%.  This ROI is unprecedented for any business.  This pizza shop used Lure Modules, which lures Pokémon to specific locations.  You can buy these Lure Modules in game and can set them for specific times during the day. Here’s the step by step guide to creating a ‘lure’ for your business:

  • Tap the red Pokeball at the bottom of your display
  • Tap “Shop”
  • Scroll down and tap the purple, box-shaped Lures to purchase. You’ll re-direct to your app store’s payment system
  • Once back in-app, tap the red Pokeball again, then tap “Items”
  • Tap the purple Lure to activate! (Inc)

Promote at Pokestops close to your store.

This is another inexpensive way to promote your business.  Download the game yourself and see where the Pokestops are around your storefront.  Go to those storefronts and put up a sign, poster, pamphlets that promote your business.  The promotions don’t even have to be Pokémon related but they might grab more attention if they do stick with the Pokémon theme.

Have your business play the game and post it on Social Media.

Tons of professional sports teams social media posts have involved Pokémon go because they know posting about it opens them up to a new market of people.  The Cleveland Indians encouraged people who go to their games to post pictures of the Pokémon they caught inside their stadium to their Twitter account.  The LA Clippers, Orlando Magic, Arizona Cardinals, and others are all posting about Pokémon Go because they understand how it will benefit them.  Posting about Pokémon on social media is going to increase your followers and increase your views.  Pokémon is the hottest content out there currently.  

This may be a fad, but the cost of promoting your business through Pokémon Go is extremely inexpensive and the return rate can be substantial.  The current engagement rates of the game are massive and there are already stories of small businesses taking advantage of the Pokémon hype.  Digital marketing is about being creative, innovative and thinking outside the box.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to help your small business.

Small businesses are constantly telling others the Who, What, When, Where, and Why of their business. Who do you sell to? What do you sell? When are you open? Where are you located? Why did you open? These are all questions worth answering, as “word-of-mouth” marketing will always be important for small businesses. But, much of the chatter occurs online in this day and age. That means your small business is responsible for providing this general, yet important information to the online world; on your website, and on your Save Local Now digital platform. How? Try writing a business bio. Here are a few ways to make that bio concise and effective:

Showcase Your Main Offering
A business bio is your opportunity to represent your small business in your own words. Make sure to highlight the most important products or services you sell so your message is clear and simple. Write with the intention of making people want to do business with you!

Use Only One Point-of-View
This is a simple way to make your business bio sound professional and well-written. Choose between first person, second person, and third person when writing. You want smooth, flowing sentences, easy for your customers to read! For example, if you say “I want to invite you to experience our business,” make sure all your text is written in that manner.

Make It A Group Effort
Sometimes having other people read your writing highlights its strengths and weaknesses. More than likely, your small business has multiple employees who can contribute creative and valid ideas to your company bio.

Write Genuinely
You want your business bio to stay true to your business image. Even though it should be filled with positive attributes, try not to sound like you are bragging. Establish a tone which captures the feeling of your small business and your authentic personality!

Keep It Short and Sweet
Make sure everything you include in your business bio is a necessity. It should clearly outline a few, if not all, of the questions mentioned above in a simple, brief way. A paragraph, or a few paragraphs should be enough.

A business bio can elevate your small business’ image when written effectively. Grab a pen (or a keyboard) and get started!

Social media has become somewhat of a necessity for all businesses. When it comes to companies that fall into the food & drink industry (restaurants, bars, markets, coffee shops, etc.) social media is a critical slice of the marketing pie. Why is this? Social media is the digital space where you are building a reputation whether you’re actively using it or not. Billions of users are searching social media every day to find things that intrigue them, including places to grab a quick bite or quench their thirst. That’s why it is critical to share and post on social media on the regular. Need some inspiration for your next post? Check out these popular share ideas from other Save Local Now food & drink businesses:

  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Specials
  • New Dishes or Drinks
  • Social Media Exclusive Offers – Get 10% off your next purchase if you like us or $5 Off if you RT #savings
  • Pictures of consumers enjoying their time

Save Local Now provides an easy-to-use digital marketing platform that allows you create and share your own posts to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Login to your SLN account now to start sharing!

As a small business, it’s important to choose a marketing channel that offers the best results with the most prudent resources. Nowadays, more small businesses prefer social media marketing to other marketing channels, to help increase their brand’s reach, increase sales, and expand their professional network.

In order to know how social media can help promote your business while saving you valuable time and resources, we’ve compiled six tips on social media marketing for small businesses.

Tip #1: Use social media marketing to sell your products and services

Before major social media networks made the foray into e-commerce, the selling relationship for businesses looked like this: listen, help solve problems, and make the sale. With the rise of social selling, the opportunity to connect with potential customers during the research phase got much easier with social media engagement tactics.

Tip #2: Large networks like Twitter can improve your customer relationships

With 72% of people more likely to make a future purchase from a small business after they interact with them on Twitter, there’s no reason for companies not to be on Twitter. The key to finding success on social media is to be on the social network your customers are on—and with over 200 million active users, there’s a high chance many of your customers are on Twitter. Twitter can help your business build relationships with customers, and connect you with the businesses and communities you are interested in.

Tip #3: Social media marketing can drastically increase your reach

Social media advertising has made it possible for companies to increase their reach through targeted ads and sponsored messaging. Social media marketing provides businesses with an opportunity to reach customers across the world—as opposed to a more traditional advertising medium such as a billboard, which is only visible to people on a particular route in a single city.

Tip #4: A LinkedIn business page can expand your professional network

One of the most important social networks, where all businesses, big or small, should have a presence, is LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows businesses to provide authenticity and credibility of their brand through a business page that houses information covering the bases of who, what, and where of your business. It also allows small businesses to be in a space where professionals, potential investors, and customers are.

Tip #5: Facebook Page can improve your business’s customer support

Providing customer support can be expensive and time-consuming. But, with social media networks like Facebook, you are provided with an outlet to effectively solve customer problems. With the availability to post on your Facebook wall or send private messages, customers can connect directly to companies if and when they have a problem or feedback.

Tip #6: Use your social media presence to manage your brand’s online reputation

Trust is an important element in obtaining customer loyalty, and one of the best ways to gain this trust is giving people easy online access to information about your company. Neglecting your social media presence is one way of losing the opportunity to gain new customers or nurture current relationships. Gain the trust of your current and potential customers by creating social media profiles like a LinkedIn company page, Facebook business Page, Twitter profile, or an Instagram account. This puts a voice (and a face) to your company, which will give people more incentive to trust your brand.


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Check out a list of promotions made from other SLN business members and use them for inspiration!

Food and Drink Category:

  • Call Us Ahead for Fast Pick Up
  • Saturday Afternoon Wine Tasting
  • 1/2 Price Bottle of Wine with Entree Purchase
  • Happy Hour Pricing from 4PM-7PM
  • Tuesday Daily Specials!

Activities and Shopping Categories:

  • $25 Adult Paint Class
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Texas Hold Em Night
  • Help Local Charities
  • Ride for the Red Shield (event)

Health and Fitness Category:

  • 2 Week Free Trial
  • Teen Wellness Class
  • Wise Wednesday Stress Relief Session
  • Did you know? Exercise Improves Your Skin Tone and Color
  • A 1 Hour Work Out is 4% of Your Day – No Excuses

Hair and Beauty Category:

  • Great Haircut, Great Price
  • Free Blow Out!
  • New Bubble Wand In Stock Today
  • Back To School Special for Kids
  • What Are You Using On Your Skin At Home?

Home Category:

  • $500 Down and Quick Move In for Beautiful New Home
  • Your One Stop Glass Shop
  • New Design for Frameless Shower Enclosure
  • Stop By and Tour Our Three Model Homes
  • New Paint Colors in Stock

Automotive Category:

  • $24.95 Oil Change and Tire Rotation
  • $14.95 Wiper Blade Set
  • Get To Know Our Team of Experts
  • Your 1st Call For Transportation
  • Uh Oh! Better Get Maaco!

We’ve all heard of hashtags, but do we understand their purpose? Think of hashtags as a tool to make words easily searchable. Hashtags allow users to tap into a social media-wide conversation. Try not to use more than two hashtags per post. #Hashtags are a #useful #tool when used correctly; having too many #hashtags in a single #post can be #annoying and #overwhelming.


Post motivational and inspiring content; share positive news with your followers – don’t forget to share your company values!


YOU are the expert. Educate your followers with valuable information they may not know already.


Use this hashtag to show how your product/service transforms people. Also post before and after pictures of your employees and/or your business to show how much you’ve grown over the years.


Include quotes in your post; this hashtag is also good for promoting your company’s values.


This is one of the most popular hashtags. Businesses can use this hashtag to give insight on their past and history in the community. Share photos of company events that emphasize your culture.


This hashtag allows you to give your followers a shoutout, thanking them for following, while also informing your audience of new people to follow.


This hashtag is commonly used to interact with your audience; ask them how their day is, encourage them to shop local over the weekend.


Also one of the most recognized hashtag, use this to promote community happenings and events.

So you’ve got Facebook down, you’ve started the “Twitter” thing, and you’ve dabbled in the world of Google+ and Linkedin. With all of these social media sites already on your tool belt, why bother tackling Instagram? Well, if this interactive and creative platform doesn’t hook you like it already has so many other small businesses, maybe the following figures will:

  1. 200 Million Users

Instagram is one of the hottest social sharing apps right now. With over 200 million users, their popularity (and most importantly influence) is unlikely to diminish in any foreseeable future. Getting an Instagram account and becoming familiar with the platform sooner rather than later is only going to be vital for your business as this number continues to rise. After all, 200 million users offers a lot of possibilities for you to introduce your business to new customers and solidify your presence within that customer base.

  1. Daily Use

It’s estimated that 70% of Instagram users log in to their Instagram accounts at least once a day (38% of which are logging in multiple times per day).  With all this daily use, you can easily keep your followers up-to-date on what you’re doing, any new products coming through the door, upcoming events, and promotional deals. (Instagram)

Consistency and frequency are key when it comes to promoting your business on social media, so make sure you are keeping your material fresh and new so your followers always have something to like!

  1. SEO

A solid range of outlets is crucial to creating a stable online reputation, and solidifying your company’s SEO. Being on sites like Facebook and Twitter is vital, but in order to further increase your SEO, you need to make sure you are active and visible on more than just a handful of sites. Instagram is another great site that can help bump up your SEO without requiring the time associated with traditional methods.

  1. Even the Playing field

Instagram levels the playing field and allows you to show what your company has to offer. How is this possible? Well for one, it’s free. On Instagram, businesses don’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars on third-party marketing help in order to create custom content.

Instagram is also quick. Snap a picture of a new product, throw a filter on it, add some hastags, toss in a fun comment and you’re done. It’s that easy.

  1. Interaction

There are 8,500 likes per second on Instagram and 1,000 comments are made per second. With all of this customer engagement you can create lasting impressions on your followers. Developing relationships through personal interactions is a fantastic way to create loyal, repeat customers. (Instagram)

Below is the Getting Started Guide to posting a deal on SLN with helpful hints from one of our Digital Marketing Consultants!

Once you log into your Save Local Now account use the green menu in the top left corner to access your Deals & Promotions. (HINT: You don’t always have to think of a deal as a discount, sometimes giving away a reward, letting people know updates about the business, or asking for more social media followers is a great way to use this section as well).

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.12.12 PM

Once on that page, you will see all of your active and inactive deals along with your deal inspiration. To create a new deal, click “Create a Deal or Promotion.”

Step 1: Image & Title

To add an image, hover over the image box and click “Change.”  If you want to change the image later, hover over the image and click “Delete.” We recommend using high quality images or bright colors to attract the attention of your customers. (HINT: This is not a great place to use your logo. You should put your logo in the business profile and then try to find a stock image or a great picture of one of your products for the deal. If you need help with this, reach out to us and a Digital Marketing Consultant might be able to give you a great image).

To edit any text, click into the dotted section. The first section is the title of your deal. We recommend using numbers to catch the attention of your customers.  For example:

  • $10 for $20 worth of____
  • All services 25% OFF
  • Buy 2 get 1 FREE

(HINT: The more you can discount or offer the better. Remember, we aren’t taking any portion of the proceeds and you can always remove the deal any time).

 Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.13.35 PM

Step 2: Describe your deal

Click into the section to edit any text. Once your cursor is inside the box you will notice several editing options. You can add a little flair to your description by using italics, bullet points, etc. We recommend keeping this section short, while still letting your customers know what this deal includes and/or excludes.

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.13.44 PM
(HINT: Be creative! Pair up with other businesses in town to offer package deals, encourage people to act fast or hurry to create excitement. Also, keeping it short and sweet will help to boost your SEO).

Step 3: Deal Type & Valid Dates

Select a type for your deal (you can select more than one). Then, edit the valid dates to let people know how long the deal is valid. Make sure you double check the dates when you finish.

(HINT: You are not committed to the end date, you can always re-post or take down a deal at any time. To create urgency, sometimes it’s better to have deals that look like they will end soon!).

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.14.01 PM

Step 4: Custom Button

You can add a custom button to your deal. This would be a good place to link your menu, a picture of the item on promotion, a registration form, etc. If nothing else, we recommend linking your website or social media page!

(HINT: “Click Here” gets the highest % of clicks over Go and Submit (Hubspot). If there is a site where customers can directly purchase, contact, or reserve something-that would be the ideal link to use).

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 2.14.21 PM

Step 5: Final Step

Customize your deal by adding a fun color to the border!

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 5.15.59 PMPublish your Deal to make it live on the app and website! You can continue to edit your deal even after it is published, or take it down any time by sliding the button to “No.” You can always re-edit and re-post a past deal.

Share your deal on social media or via email. This is one of the most important things you can do to make sure your deal is being seen.

(HINT: I repeat from above: This is the most important part! You have posted the deal! Now TELL PEOPLE about it!).

Young people these days…always submerged in their smartphones, tablets and laptops for hours on end – never taking time to appreciate the world and all it has to offer. Well, not only are these young people (“Millennials”) accessing more content and learning more information than ever before, it turns out they have something to teach us about marketing and publicity. Thinking like a Millennial can actually help promote your business’ next event or outing.

Here are some tips to harness the marketing power of the Millennial:

1.)  Millennials like short and sweet messages

The reason so many younger people are flocking towards Twitter and away from Facebook is because the platform offers concise content with less clutter. Millennials know how to tweet something catchy and bold in 140 characters with smart hashtags to emphasize their message.

Use Twitter to build excitement around your next event and engage your community. Create a hashtag for the event that people will begin to recognize and repeat. Smart, short tweets with clever hashtags will intrigue your target audience and create a buzz around your event.

2.)  Millennials are anywhere and everywhere online

So why shouldn’t your business be, too?  Millennials have shown us that using one social media platform to get out a message only covers a small portion of the audience and restricts the type of content they can post.

If you have the means to do so, use different types of social media to promote your next event. Post pictures, messages, hashtags and links to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.  If the Ice Bucket Challenge has shown us anything, it is that video content is a great way to get attention and support.  Post a short video about your event and business to show your audience what it’s all about!

3.)   “But First, Let Me Take a Selfie.”

We all know of the obsession younger people have with taking selfies, but let’s be honest, you’ve probably taken some too.

During your event, take pictures of what’s going on and post it to social media. Even commission one of your employees to go around and take pictures of themselves or other people doing various things at the event. A live stream of activity will encourage more people to come and check it out.

The bottom line here is to be engaged in and passionate about your event. People will notice your enthusiasm if you post correctly. It will increase community engagement and heighten curiosity about your business and the event.  Be smart.  Be clever.  Be excited.  And embrace your inner Millennial!

Citation: DiRoma, CJ.  “Why You Should Think Like a Millennial to Promote Your Next Event.”  17 Aug. 2014.  <>.