The Top 5 Reasons Shopping Local Improves Your Community

We’ve heard that shopping local benefits our local communities, but how? Get the conversation started with the help of our “shop small” cheat sheet!

1. Keep your money local!

Unlike when you shop at chain stores, when you spend money locally a significantly larger portion of that money stays in the local economy. Sounds like a great excuse to buy those shoes you’ve been eyeballing.

2. Jobs!

6 times as many local jobs are created when spending is directed towards locally owned and independent businesses instead of chains. By shopping local, you’re directly helping create jobs.

3. Preserving local character and flare.

Locally owned businesses help generate strong communities by preserving town centers, connecting neighbors, and drawing in out-of-town customers. On top of that, small businesses donate about twice as much per employee to local charitable organizations as large businesses. So basically, every time you go shopping you’re donating to charity. Good for you!

4. Quality is king!

Local businesses don’t base their products and prices off of some big national sales plan. Instead, they make products the community has an actual desire/need for. Moreover, they are able to individually help each customer find exactly what it is that they are looking for. This passion for their job and personalized service helps guarantee product quality and customer satisfaction.

5. Your taxes at work.

Local businesses in town centers require substantially less infrastructure investment than big box chains. Small businesses also make more efficient use of public services as compared to the nationally owned stores entering the community.