Why Should Your Business Use Instagram?

We all love to share our photos whether it be a meal you just ate or your dog in a funny hat, we can’t get enough of sharing images with our friends. There might be more to the photo sharing than just dogs and hats though. Instagram, the leading social network for photo sharing, is also a creative and inexpensive way for businesses to attract new customers. I’m not just talking about the small clothing boutiques either. You can be a law firm, a bank, or a construction company or anything really. Instagram is great for personalizing your business and allowing your “followers” to connect with you on a more human level, and the more personality you can give to your business the better. Even us here at $LN enjoy using instagram to share a few precious moments (you can follow us at @savelocalnow).

This article shows how companies that don’t have visual products are able to integrate themselves into instagram.

Showing your customers a more personal side of your business can help build loyalty and it’s a cheap way to advertize!

Here’s some helpful hints to get you started:

  • The best times to share are Thursdays between 1 and 4 (that’s when most people don’t feel like working anymore).
  • Create #hashtags on subjects that are current and relevant to your business
  • Follow people who influence your business, and follow your favorite customers!
  • Show both office/business related things as well as giving it a personal flair. Allow your followers to get to know your staff through photos!

Want more? Check out this article for even more great tips for business accounts on instagram

So what are waiting for? Start instagramming today!