Tips for building your email list

So you have a free email marketing platform through Save Local Now, but you don’t have an email list. Well, there’s no better time to start building a list of contacts than right now. We’re going to share a few simple ways to get you started.

First, why should you use email marketing from $LN? Here’s a couple stats from a Hubspot article that will blow your mind.

1. More than 90% of consumers check their email daily.

2. About 3/4 of all consumers would rather receive commercial information through email than any other method of communication.

3. Here’s the kicker – Email marketing, in general, has an ROI of 4300%.

Those stats noted, now it’s time to kick things into high gear and get your email list started! Use these tips to help.

1. When you are ringing someone out, ask them if they are interested in receiving email updates. These customers are already making purchases from you, so they are likely to come back again. Also, repeat customers spend about 67% more than the average customer. (Access Loyalty)

2. Have a contest that requires consumers to sign up for your email list. Once they sign up for your email list, as long as you don’t abuse their contact information, they are not likely to unsubscribe.

3. Offer exclusive deals and promotions via email. Send these consumers special deals once in awhile. Exclusivity always piques the imagination, and you have a great platform to promote exclusive deals!

Now use these ideas and watch your email list grow. Then start sending high quality email campaigns with the Save Local Now email marketing platform!




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