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Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers informed! Here are a few tips on how to get more newsletter subscribers!


  • Collect contact info. Carry around a clipboard and pen to events or even have one at the cash register ready to collect contact information for those interested in subscribing.
  • Provide benefits. Entice your subscribers with exclusive benefits, for example. additional information, discount codes, event invitation, raffles, or even give them the first dibs at sales or promotions.
  • Talk about it. Make sure that people know that you have a Newsletter. Promote it on social media and in any other emails that you send (and, of course, include a link to subscribe!). Also provide a sneak peak into what your newsletter is all about!
  • Make it easy. Make it simple to subscribe to your Newsletter. There should be a subscription option easily visible on your website.


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Marketing for services can be hard. Here are four tips on marketing your service like a product to make it a little bit easier:

  1. Use your Senses.
    Use visuals and text that encompass the experience of your service.
  2. Show your Gains.
    Show your clients how they will benefit through your service and show them what the end result will be. This can be through previous works or even testimonials.
  3. Brand it.
    Though you might not be able to package your service, you can use the location of your store to reflect the brand of your business. If you don’t have a physical location, use your website to package and display your brand.
  4. Emphasize your Customers.
    Make your clients feel involved in your service’s process by emphasizing your customers. Bring relationships into it as well. Create relationships with your customers so they not only feel welcome and return, but they also understand the your guidance and expertise is important and beneficial to them.

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Summer is an amazing time to offer amazing deals to engage new and returning customers. Here are a few samples for every type of business!

Food and Drink:

Title: Fourth of July Catering Specials!

Description: 4th of July celebrations often involve family, food, grills, and fireworks. Whether you’re looking to bring people together at your office or set-up a picnic with family and friends, we can help you put together some delicious options.

How we may be able to help:

  • Putting together a celebration at your office (or an offsite venue) with some specialty cocktails and fun fourth of July inspired food
  • Sending sides (or the full menu) for a bbq with family and friends. We can add staff if you need some help
  • Letting you pick up a few sides or picnic related food for a smaller at-home event


Title: Christmas in July Sale!

Description: Save BIG this summer with our Christmas in July Sale! Up to 50% off of select items both in store and online!

Beauty and Spa:

Title: Take a Mental Vacation and Relax with Us

Description: Treat yourself this summer with a relaxing day of to our spa! Services include skin care services, massage services, body treatments, hand and feet treatments, aqua detox, organic waxing bar, and many more!


Title: Summer Detailing Discount

Description: Your kids washed the outside, let us help you clean the inside with an interior and exterior detailing for only $30! Package includes: undercar clean with undercoat, trim protectant, tire shine, wheel brite, mat cleaning, door/steering wheel/seat wipe down, and fresh scent.


Title: Book a Romantic Summer Getaway to our Local Winery

Description: It’s not too late to plan your summer getaway! Surprise your special someone with a romantic Wine Country Getaway! Relax in a room or suite of your choice, and receive a complimentary bottle of wine or grape juice and luscious local truffles. This package also entitles you to a private tasting at one of our local wineries.


Title: School’s Out! Bring in your Report Card for a Free Game of Bowling

Description: Is you report card something to be proud of? Reward yourself with a free game of bowling on us! If you earned an “A” (or the equivalent) on your final 2015-2016 report card, bring it into our location to redeem your free game!

Health & Fitness

Title: Get Your Beach Body This Summer! Free Invitation Fee!

Description: Now is the time to get that beach body you always dreamed of! Join our gym this summer and get the invitation fee waived!


Title: AC Broken? No Problem! Here are some quick tips to stay cool while you wait for it to be repaired!

Description: Follow these quick tips to stay cool while you wait for your AC to be fixed!

  • Use satin sheets/pillow cases
  • Drink lots of water
  • Set fans to counter-clockwise
  • Wear a water-soaked bandana
  • Close your blinds
  • Avoid hot showers and steam


Title: Your Summer Just Got a Little Easier: We Now offer Pool Maintenance!

Description: With our new, affordable pool maintenance service, your summer just got a lot easier! Check out our deals and packages for all your lawn, yard, and pool care needs!
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Summer is the time for family, friends, fun, and community. Many local communities organize concerts, festivals, fairs, and other events to celebrate the warm weather. These are the perfect opportunity for small business owners to gain exposure and meet locals and other event goers.

Here are some tips on how to get started marketing your small business at local events:

Do Your Research

Your first step is to research what events are occurring in your local community (and the nearby communities) in the upcoming months. Some examples of events you should look out for are festivals, art walks, farmers markets, and flea markets.

Prior to choosing an event to attend, make sure to know your target audience. While researching local events, research what type of customers it brings in. Choose an event/events that are a good match!

When you have an event in mind, contact the organizers to get the details and see what opportunities exist. This could range from sponsoring the event, having an information booth, or actually selling your products. Be sure to ask about all of the costs and requirements involved.

Prepare Yourself and Stand Out

Decide what your goal is at the event. Are you planning on selling products? Make sure you have enough stock and that there are several ways to accept payment. Generating leads? Make sure you have enough literature to hand out and you have an easy way to collect information.

Make sure you have several energetic, well-trained staff members to work the event. Your business’s presence shows that you and your staff are actively engaging with the audience. These details can make or break effectiveness and help you to stand out.

Assess Your Results

Like any marketing effort, you need to track results to see if the event was worthwhile. Set goals for how much you want to sell, how many prospects you want to talk to or how many leads you want to capture. Track them and assess your results afterward. Fine-tune your approach depending on what you learned.

Make Sure to Have Fun

Above all enjoy yourself. Customers are more likely to approach people who look like they enjoy what they are doing. Whether your booth is successful or not, it’s a great way to connect with your local community and build a great reputation for your business.

Organize your email lists:

Spend time organizing your email lists. This will be the longest part of the email marketing process. Organize your email lists into audience groups by interest, category, location and more. You can create as many groups as you like to help you target important contacts: donors & volunteers, customers & prospects or patrons & vendors.

Know who you are sending to:

Take into account the email lists and tailor your messages to make your recipients pay attention and take action.

Focus on your posts:

On SLN, your emails are based on the posts you have created. Make sure the promotions, deals, and events have engaging titles (these titles will be the subject lines for your emails) and have content that people will be interested in.

Look at the stats:

In the email tab on the platform, you will be able to see the open and click-through rates for each of your emails. Take note on which types of emails do the best, and release more emails of that nature.

Improve your Search Engine Optimization with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Update your business description.
    Describe your business, your services, and even the history. As long as you are using around 250 words, search engines will be more likely to find your page and rank it higher.
  2. Add keywords-
    Include as many words as you can think of that relate to your business. Try thinking of keywords that people would used if they were looking for a business like you.
  3. Share your content.
    Share your profile, promotions, deals, or events through your social media! This will help spread the word about your posts as well as increase your SEO.
  1. Search Engines are Getting Competition. Social networks are expanding their search capabilities and will soon be competing with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
    What this means for you: Make sure that you have set up and consistently maintain your social media sites. This will allow potential customers to find you, see what your company is all about and read any reviews or comments left by current customers.
  2. Mobile is Getting Bigger. Mobile use now accounts for more than half of the total time people spend on digital devices. Eighty percent of Internet searches are conducted on smartphones, according to data from the Global Web Index.
    What this means for you: This means that it is important that your website is mobile friendly, and guess what? Save Local Now is! Once you setup your profile, it will be able to be easily viewed on any mobile device.
  3. Videos are Worth More than a Thousand Words. Online video consumption is consistently growing. Videos can be used as a powerful marketing tool to show your customers how you product works, what you do, or even who you are over social media.
    What this means for you: Share videos through your social media, it may foster interactions between you and your customers.
  4. App Indexing Allows for more Opportunities: Studies have shown that apps will soon take over mobile-responsive websites. Apps have the functionality of mobile-friendly websites but they streamline user access.
    What this means for you: Save Local Now already has an app, so we have done the work for you. If you don’t have your own app, don’t worry! Your business profile and all of the deals, promotions, and events you have live are visible on our app!

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Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

College ID Nights- College students are always looking for deals in their area. Offering a college ID night or college ID discounts encourages them to visit–and bring their friends!

Discounted Day- Offer a discount on any day of the week that you feel fit! This could be your most popular day or your least popular day (which can increase attendance on that day)!

Free Rental- If your activity requires a rental, offer a free or discounted rental to encourage your guests to come, have fun, and save money!

Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!
This link is to a demo bowling alley we created, enjoy!

Check out this bike shop and tour center’s promotions!

Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

  • Title: Buy Three Get One Free Tires
    Description: Buy 3 Get 1 FREE Goodyear Tire special. Get the details here… 
  • Title: Spring Cleaning Special
    Description: You’ve cleaned your house, now your car needs a spring cleaning as well! Our Spring Cleaning Special includes a BG Better Oil change, Fuel-Induction Service, Multi-point inspection and tire rotation 
  • Title: Back to College Special
    Description: Get your student back to school safely with – – 5 Qt. Standard Oil Change – Tire Rotation AND Multipoint Vehicle Inspection All For Just – $34.95 (provide College ID to claim). 
  • Title: Leasing Deal on Chevrolets
    Description: $249/month plus tax for 39 months (after all offers). $500 due at signing and 10K miles per year.

Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Need some ideas to get started using SLN to promote your deals and promotions? Here are some that we came up with!

Free Consultation: Provide free consultations for new customers! This helps to create a strong relationship right off the bat and helps to draw customers in.

Advertise Listings: If you have any new listings available, create a post advertising the newly available homes. Also, add a link to your websites that show them more details about their dream home.

Low Mortgage and APR Rates: If you provide low mortgage and APR rates, announce it! It gives you a competitive edge over other businesses.

Open Houses: If you have any local open houses coming up, create an event that advertises the location and time so that your customers stay informed!

Have any other ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

See a sample realtor company profile here: