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If you have already created an Instagram account for your business but are looking for a few ways to use it to your business’ benefit, SLN is here to help! Here are 3 quick tips to get your followers to interact with your content.

Include a Link in Your Bio

Instagram only gives you one opportunity to have a link leading directly to another page, and that is in your bio. Make sure you use this opportunity to post either a link to your business’ website or a link to your business’ Save Local Now Business Profile.

Lighten Up!

Lighter Instagram images get 24% more likes than darker images. Take these sunny summer days as a blessing and go promote your brand! You can even consider having an instagram theme for the summer time and edit your pictures so that they all have a matching hue.

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Sharing is Caring

If your followers are tagging you in posts, Share Them! This promotes a “feel-good” atmosphere for your brand and will bring more activity to your profile because of users coming back to check if they have made it on your feed. Not to mention that it is free content you won’t have to work on editing yourself!
With these 3 tips you will build a connection with your users in no time!

August is here and students everywhere dread the feeling, but businesses are preparing for a boost in sales! In 2014 the National Retail Federation conducted a survey and found that the average family will spend about $670 each year on school apparel and supplies (grades k-12). This survey also mentioned that over 17% are planning to seek out small retailers for their back to school shopping! So here are some ideas on how you could promote your business for this back to school season

School ID Discount

Back to school shopping can be frustrating for everyone, but when your consumers see that (instead of going to Wal Mart) they can save some money at your business that takes some stress of their shoulders! To promote an idea like this, log onto your Save Local Now account and create a deal saying something like : For the first week of August anyone that brings in their student ID gets 5% or 10% off their purchase.

Sharing is Caring     

Social media is the way to go if you are promoting your Back to School supplies.

Over one-third of smartphone users that took the survey said they would be using their mobile devices to research products. Creating a mobile-friendly promotion on Save Local Now will allow you to show consumers what you have in store, and the best part is that as soon as you create your post you can share it to your facebook and twitter accounts right away!

A Personal Update

Gathering information on you customers is always important, lots of retail stores ask their customers for an email address at the register. If you have this kind of info gathered up group the members you believe would benefit from you back to school deal or promotion and make an email list. Once you have a list created you can send a marketing email through Save Local Now sharing your deal or promotion directly with your customers!


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Keeping track of who is interacting with your social media helps you build a better understanding of what content you need to push out. Facebook Insights stores a lot of data to help you take control of your page and fan base. With all the data Facebook Insights stores, it may seem overwhelming so here are the key points you will should keep up with.

  • Fan Growth

Recording the users that like your page on a either a weekly or monthly basis. After  getting an understanding of your average fan growth rate, set a goal of how many new fans you would want on a monthly basis and then you can plan your content creation accordingly!

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  • Demographics


Facebook provides you with the age, gender, and location of your fans. Once you know what the characteristics of your general fan base are you can concentrate specifically on what content you believe that group would enjoy and tailor your posts to them.

facebook insights people tab

Visits Tab
The visits tab shows you the areas of your facebook that most of your fan base crowds to.If you would like to dive a little deeper you can also see specific actions taken, like others that post on your page, check-ins and mentions. Knowing where on your page people spend the most time will give you an idea of what content to create.  

facebook insights visits tab

If you keep track of these three points you should feel confident in knowing which content to push out and when.


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With Twitter having over 300 million monthly active users, you may have found yourself trying to use Twitter as a marketing tool for your business. At times it may be hard to connect with your current customers or find new ones, so here are a few tips on how to get your Twitter feed alive and active.

Reach out to your followers.

Make your feed more interactive! If all of your tweets are promotions it may be hard to tell whether or not your followers are actually reading your tweets. Keep your feed active with things like:

  • Daily Trivia
  • Coupons
  • Giveaways

Not only will these kinds of tweets bring in customers, but they will give you an idea of how many people you are actually reaching with your tweets.  

Make your Followers Feel like VIPs  

Give your customers a reason to be following your twitter and retweeting your tweets. This is a really great way of building a strong relationship with your customers. Try to tweet promotions like:

  • “If you come in today and have retweeted this tweet you get 10% off your lunch!”
  • “If you are following us come and get your haircut today, receive 25% off your next cut!”

Promoted Tweets        

When a brand’s Twitter followers see promoted tweets, they buy 29% more than other followers who see organic tweets.


Promoting your tweets gets your tweets out to a larger audience, so if you are pleased with how marketing on twitter has affected your business and are willing to learn more this link can help you with that.

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