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Hey, it’s Lindsay again,

Facebook, Twitter, Google+…these are probably the top social media outlets to promote a business. It is expected that any business post on these sites is a promotional post. I’ve been noticing more companies introducing themselves to Snapchat.

Snapchat, in my opinion, is the most frequently used social media app on mobile devices these days, by all ages. Sometimes when I’m viewing a series of Snapchat “stories,” a random business Snapchat story will be thrown in there. I’ve noticed that these stories are not trying to sell anything, they are simply trying to be present. When a company posts something that is fun and attractive, without trying to sell a product, the audience’s interest perks because they don’t feel like they are being nagged.

Just keep it in mind!


I know I’ve talked about how important it is to have a Facebook presence before. I should’ve expanded and explained that it is important to have a presence in all media outlets. As a consumer myself, when I see a website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and the last post is over 2 weeks old, I get a bad taste in my mouth for the company. Is that fair? Probably not. Are customers always fair? Definitely not.

I just want to stress how important it is to keep your digital presence fresh and relevant. I suggest posting things targeted to your specific audience at least three times a week. Not only will it remind them that your company exists, but it will remind them why they like you.

Food for thought!


“33% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email based on subject line alone” according to marketing website Here are the top few tips that Hubspot recommends to follow when writing a subject line:

  1. Keep it short and sweet
  2. Use personalization tolkens
  3. Do tell them what’s inside the email

Maybe try conducting your own research on subject lines. Definitely plot and analyze the different data gathered from using different subject lines.

Just some thoughts,


Ladies and gents, I think we are finally on our way to beautiful weather! I know that my family and I are talking about taking the grill out of our garage this weekend. I hear my niece is going to set up a lemonade stand. Speaking of, this is a GREAT time to host a fundraiser cookout, or an informational picnic because who doesn’t want to get out and finally enjoy this beautiful, springtime weather?

Have fun this weekend,


Maybe I’m only surrounded by sensible shoppers, but I don’t know anyone that will purchase a product of significant price without researching it first. I know I won’t even buy a pair of shoes without reading the reviews.

Money doesn’t grow on trees. If a company’s marketing efforts aren’t enough to seal a deal, then a customer is going to research. 79% of shoppers feel empowered by technology because it provides access to information. Make sure that the right information about your business is out there.

Keep it empowered,


How often do you see that a friend has checked into a restaurant, a concert venue or the like? Each time someone checks in, they are marketing that venue. This is just one of the many examples of how a business Facebook page can help you without you doing any work. What big, successful company can you think of that doesn’t have a Facebook page? None? That’s what I thought.

95% of Millennials expect brands to have a Facebook presence. Avoid becoming irrelevant and saying,  “Oh, I don’t have a Facebook page yet.” Get on the Facebook train and start reaching more customers!

Not only do consumers prefer email marketing over snail mail, but email marketing has a number of advantages that snail mail doesn’t. Here are our three favorite:

  1. Email marketing is far more affordable. Email marketing can range from free to a few hundred dollars a month depending on your setup. Snail mail has all sorts of costs that come with it – stamps, envelopes, and printing costs for materials just to name a few.
  2. Emails can be tracked easily and provide mountains of data points like open rate, click through rate, conversion rate and more.  Snail mail is pretty tough to trace unless the recipient comes to your business.
  3. Once mail is printed and sent, it can’t be manipulated. Email can constantly be tracked, and adjusted to optimize the success of your campaign. You can changes images, text, calls to action and anything else as needed.

60 percent of consumers say email is their preferred method to receive updates and promotions. The other 40% is a combination of people who prefer texting or paper mail. As of 2017, for now, it is crucial that every business is up to date on their email marketing efforts.


The sun is out, Cleveland is finally enjoying some 70 degree F weather (for today at least), it’s beginning to feel like spring. Finally! Here are some spring cleaning tips for your digital marketing needs:

  1. Create your marketing calendar:

Create your marketing calendar to organize your marketing efforts for the year. Make sure to establish your goals and objectives in marketing calendar.

  1. What posts work best for your business:

The marketing calendar will also help determine which posts work best for your business.

  1. Develop your strategy:

Take what you know, analyze it, and update as needed.

Enjoy the sun!!


It may seem as though the answer is an obvious one, that digital marketing success far exceeds traditional marketing success. Although we are in year 2017, traditional marketing is still being used even if at a decreasing rate. Consider all the times one runs into traditional advertisements: magazines you see while waiting in line at the grocery store, billboards that you drive by on your daily commute to work, flyers displayed at your favorite coffee house…traditional advertising is endless. However, in this day and age, digital marketing is a faster way to reach a potentially larger number of people. It is impossible to sign into Facebook without seeing an ad immediately.

Let’s compare these two different types of marketing. The average annual cost of online media advertising is about 1.58 million to 2 million dollars whereas the average annual cost of traditional media advertising is at a higher 2.2 million to 5.5 million dollars. Monitoring and controlling online advertising is easy whereas monitoring and controlling traditional advertising is difficult. Online advertising’s reach to the target audience is 80%-90% achievable whereas traditional advertising’s reach is unmeasurable.

Judging by these numbers (or lack thereof) one could see why digital marketing is currently the preferred form of advertising. These statistics were reported by Mridu Sinha, Digital Marketing Consultant at Synapselndia.

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Do you know  what percent of consumers won’t return if your website isn’t mobile optimized?

The correct answer is 61% of consumers. That means almost two thirds of all the consumers that search for your company are choosing not to patronize your business because your website isn’t mobile friendly. More importantly, in our rapidly evolving world consumers are migrating towards mobile search more every day. According to Google, more than 50% of worldwide searches can now be attributed to mobile devices. That said, if you’re not mobile optimized, it’s time to consider it.

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