The Advantages of Email Marketing

Not only do consumers prefer email marketing over snail mail, but email marketing has a number of advantages that snail mail doesn’t. Here are our three favorite:

  1. Email marketing is far more affordable. Email marketing can range from free to a few hundred dollars a month depending on your setup. Snail mail has all sorts of costs that come with it – stamps, envelopes, and printing costs for materials just to name a few.
  2. Emails can be tracked easily and provide mountains of data points like open rate, click through rate, conversion rate and more.  Snail mail is pretty tough to trace unless the recipient comes to your business.
  3. Once mail is printed and sent, it can’t be manipulated. Email can constantly be tracked, and adjusted to optimize the success of your campaign. You can changes images, text, calls to action and anything else as needed.

60 percent of consumers say email is their preferred method to receive updates and promotions. The other 40% is a combination of people who prefer texting or paper mail. As of 2017, for now, it is crucial that every business is up to date on their email marketing efforts.


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